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Good News Monday: Passion Persists Printed Books vs E Books


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Passion Persists Printed Books vs E Books is welcome news to keep this conversation alive. Alexander Alter authored a story in the NY Times ‘The Plot Twist: E Books Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead’, on the state of affairs in the book world business. It seems the growth of E books has leveled off and printed books have stopped declining or actually have started growing again. Better still, he states The American Book Association reports that independent book stores this year are totally 1712 owners with 2227 stores in 2015 compared to 1416 owners with 1660 stores five years earlier. The resurgence of local boutiques is great news for everyone – a rich cultural neighborhood destination like this is be the heartbeat of local culture.

Spanista believes stimulating the senses releases a powerful inner alchemy. One of the personal gifts we all share and should be endlessly grateful for is the ability to read. It gives us moments that elevate the everyday. Reading not only is the gateway to knowledge, it is also the gateway to creativity and imaginative joy. To Spanista, books are the ultimate stimulant especially because it has zero negative effects.

Spanista views books as works of art – treasures of mind and spirit that deserve to be honored as do the writers who created them. Books in my world are treated with the reverence of great paintings – yes even the paper backs!  Can you step back a moment to imagine what the emergence of digital innovations have on those of us who love books as a sensual stimulant: a magical means of inspiring sites, sounds, tastes, smells with the touch of the book jacket, touch of the pages, reading the text on the page, feeling the words with the tips of ones fingers and the amazing feeling you have when the story has concluded with one gesture you close the back cover – snap. Such a sense of satisfaction from having been stretched to a new place one cannot repeat.

The article cited Penguin Book Publishers is adding $100 million in new warehouse space for improved distribution because they believe print will be a mainstay of publishing for many years to come. Amen to that. I love this leadership to secure a future for printed books for all to enjoy.Good-News-Monday:-Passion-Persists-Printed-Books-vs-E-Books-2.jpegPINIMAGE

When the E book emerged of course I wanted to be part of the movement. Many avid readers especially were keen to try the new devices. Curious souls we are, perhaps we would be able to experience the writers intent in a whole new dimension? When my husband gave me one as a Christmas present I was excited to experience its special benefits. The power for immediate gratification was top on the list. I could buy a book at 11 pm in my Asian robe after a long Spa bath, and have it in my hand in one minute of down loading and read until dawn if I felt like it – never leaving home. An additive plus – at first. Then my i pad arrives and Spanista is spending much more time with it during my work day and beyond. When I was traveling I soon found myself packing 4 devices, phone, laptop to do complex presentations, iPad AND my E reader – it became too much so something had to go. My E reader began to lose its appeal.

Perhaps you have this happen to you too? But honestly I would find myself drawn to the book shelves in airports and when traveling seeking out local independent bookstores where I can have a coffee, read, work, relax and people watch. There is so much to learn about a city and its people by sitting in an urban neighborhood book haunt. I missed these experiences amidst real books that kept calling out to me.

Good News Monday: Passion Persists Printed Books vs E Books encourages us to stay true to what we love no matter the trends toward pervasive digital solutions permeating all corners of our lives. If you have a moment and can read the article link at the intro it is worth you time. I also found the comments even more interesting. Many kindred spirits amongst those of us who see the wellness benefits in being an avid reader.

Now I am back to spending most of my time with my beloved printed books. I select and buy them with a new sense of reverence. There are advantages to reading E books for many – but to me they do not outweigh the advantages of  real printed books. What do you feel?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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