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“Follow Your Dream To Happiness” Say Farmer’s Market Artisans


Dear Wellness Seekers,

“Follow Your Dream To Happiness” Say Farmer’s Market Artisans who I discovered in the quaint river town in Parkville just outside Kansas City.

Fall reminds us that our beloved Farmer Market season will soon be over as they end right after pumpkin season, so symbolic of The Season’s of Spanista. It is a season to check in with your dreams. Where are you in realizing them? As this traditional Farmers Market features the same families for generations, you take your time strolling down the rows of beautiful yet so natural displays of ripe vegetables that were just hand-picked on the farm as you greet the growers personally. This is a social scene of a different kind. These unique and lovely farm to table presentations call for your attention so to be enjoyed at someone else’s equally loving dinner table!  Here you will also find rich home-made honey, bakery shaped by experienced hands not machines and real sugary sweets to tickle every nut lovers fancy.


At the end of these rows of goodness is a stunning little site. A small yet charming caravan that clearly dates back to an earlier time by is surrounded by colorful displays of hand sewn creations.  Two great gals. the owners, exude such joy I just had to share their story with you."Follow-Your-Dream-To-Happiness"-Say-FarmerPINIMAGE

What drew me in was the sign in the middle of the twig and fuchsia flowered wreath, “Follow Your Dreams”. The scene is one of draping artisan treasures with personal touches of loving details crafted by creative eyes that hold a certain home spun point of view on the way the world should be. I stop dead in my tracks to take it all in.  My heart fills with appreciation for the devotion of two women who are dear friends, doing what brings them happiness: Thelma & Louise Creations. What fun is this? These pics tell you a lot about these ladies and their caravan of adventure! This joyful place beams rays of sunshine in the middle of the outdoor park putting a big smile on my face and smiles on everyone who comes upon it. Many others gather around  in awe and appreciation for what they are experiencing.

"Follow-Your-Dream-To-Happiness"-Say-FarmerPINIMAGE“Follow Your Dream To Happiness” Say Farmer’s Market Artisans pays tribute to two glorious women with an important message.  They set an example of how everyday life can bring us happiness if we follow our dreams.  My heart lifts up to celebrate ‘Thelma & Louise’ who created this “special world” of  60’s caravaning, colorful fabric, needle and thread with one of a kind treasures they created. Weather you like hand sewn creations or not, it does not matter. One can simply enjoy and appreciate the happy, simpler place and time it beacons us to relive. And marvel at the way these two friends have built a relationship they feel is priceless sharing this precious time together doing what they love on life’s journey together

Thank you ladies for sharing your gift with us.

Spanista salutes them  – now this is a true blue Self Care Ritual.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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