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Expectations: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Expectations: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places is inspired by a chat I had with a friend this weekend about a recent love lost experience. Painful as it is – she concluded that she pushed herself into something that deep down inside she knew was not in her best interest. Yet something propelled her to press into it thinking something magical would happen to make that initial feeling be proven wrong. Well friends it never gets better does it.
That inner warning tingle is your Self Care Hot Button. Regrets come when you do not heed it.
Spending time with her in this conversation I could not help but reflect back on my own life’s journey. At times I may put a lot of energy into looking for love. I may want select people in my love life and friends to tell me I matter, help me feel worthy, and give me a sense of belonging. It’s a tall order when I consider others are on their own healing journeys. I have been looking for love in all the wrong places. We compared notes as discovered similar experiences about EXPECTATIONS & LOVE.

At times like this it is best I turn to inner spirit and find wholeness. I release expectations about people, places, and things. I open myself completely to the my divine nature within and find the most satisfying love of all. I nurture this relationship through prayer, meditation, or journaling. I affirm: I am one with the love of Christ. Here, I belong.

I go within for every need. I listen for signals from nature, friends, and reading, listen for my inner voice to emerge, then act on my guidance. All my human needs are fulfilled. I am whole.

If you want to explore more on this subject EXPECTATIONS & LOVE go to…/the-foundation-of-love-releasing-judgments-and- expectations/

Expectations: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places is a behavior we can address if we set out minds to it. Spanista sees an emergence of new life in this approach. One that helps us set the right expectations for ourselves – not others. This approach attracts the right kind of people versus us seeking them out.  Looking for love in the right place is within your Spirit. It is a more joyful way to live in Emotional Wellness.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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