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Delightful Artisan Birdhouses For Nature’s Feathered Friends


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Delightful Artisan Birdhouses For Nature’s Feathered Friends is a story I had to share with you. Recently on a Spanista Reflection Walk was touring a garden in Kansas City with my two lovely sisters-in-law who were visiting.  I love them both – we are so different but really are like sisters. We were all drawn to these incredible nests – created with the eye of a gifted artist and handcrafted with tenderness.





At this time of year it conjures up thoughts about the passing of summer – how quickly it goes. Nests are eagerly built-in spring by our feather friends. They instinctively are driven to procreate so they carry on their species. The beautiful eggs are laid, then nurtured until the babies come into the world to be lovingly protected until the day they are ready to fly by summers end.  They soar with joy are they were meant to do. No grown to venture off and start their own independent lives.

It is a metaphor for the shortness of life – May to September. Thought it would be fun to take a moment to reflect with the beauty of poetry.

The Miracle Of Flight

I watched in awe the laboring tenants of the birdhouse I'd made, And for their family devotion, they (and I) have been amply repaid!
Mr. and Mrs. Wren became the proud parents of a couple of eggs, And unto them were born two chicks with big mouths and wobbly legs!

The pair began building their cozy abode along about the first of May.
I watched from my patio as they stashed bits of grasses, feathers and hay!
They'd rest now and then 'tweeting' each other on the porch of their dwelling, And not unlike we uncouth mortals, I sensed a bit of familial yelling!

Bye and bye, my ears heard two little birdies faintly a-cheeping, And from the entryway I saw two little bobble heads shyly peeping!
Their wide-open mouths kept Mr. and Mrs Wren flying to and fro, To fill cavernous craws with who knows what to help them to grow!

Then one bright morn I was privileged to see a wonder of God's Creation!
One little fellow emerged from the nest and paused with some hesitation.
Then, into the rising sun it flew from its perch - what a beautiful sight!
My soul was filled with elation - I had just witnessed the miracle of flight!

Entry for Soup's International Contest - December 2011

Copyright © 2015 Robert L. Hinshaw


Delightful Artisan Birdhouses For Nature’s Feathered Friends is a Spanista Reflection Walk message to consider living in the moment as we enjoy the last long weekend of summer. Life is really short. Let the work go and enjoy the best of nature this weekend. By the way, this adorable poem is an award winner and discovered at Poetrysoup.cpm. You can find more enjoyable lite prose there.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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