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Broadway Musical American In Paris Suspends Reality


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Broadway Musical American In Paris Suspends Reality even if it is only for a wonderful few hours because from the very first moment it enchants you with new promise. Even during a time of incredible change like post WWII Paris. The 1951 Oscar Winning movie featuring extraordinary coreagrpher/dancer Gene Kelly and ballerina Leslie Caron is one of all time favorite classic movies.

Long before Spanista lived in Manhattan, I was drawn to the many creative dimensions of Broadway – from the original music, to set design, to the amazing highest calibre talent, but especially the amazing story telling that unfolds live before me is what steals my heart.

Before this visit to New York City, even though it was short, I Broadway-Musical-American-In-Paris-Suspends-Reality-2.jpegPINIMAGEpromised myself I would escape to the theatre for a few hours with my dear friend Launa who was joining me in the city. One play would not due this time – I would take in two shows as the current line up of winning stories is absolutely outstanding! To good to miss.  I thought it best to wait until we arrive to finalize our agenda before purchasing tickets. Sometimes this works in your favor as hotel concierges have access to a special reserve that are held just for last minutes fans like me.

With the help of these connections we were able to score big. On Saturday night we enjoyed American In Paris. Those of you who Broadway-Musical-American-In-Paris-Suspends-Reality-4.jpegPINIMAGEfollow Spansita know this one is on my ‘2016 must do’ list. In fact I posted about its highly anticipated arrival on Broadway at the Palace Theater last April after its successful launch in London. Lead performers are Robert Fairchild playing Gene Kelly’s role and Leanne Cope plays Leslie Caron’s role. Ms. Cope’s ballet performances transcend all dance in musicals I have ever seen. The rare combination of George Gershwin scores paired with ballet of this calibre dazzles the senses. I was especially moved emotionally by Ms. Cope who seemed to possess a glowing spirituality unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Broadway Musical American In Paris Suspends Reality  helped me escape into a fantastic dreamland for a while.  It exceeded my expectations. Spanista highly recommends seeing it. It is purely enchanting – full of youthful promise! Remember no picture taking is allowed so to see more check out this review in the New York Times. Hope you can make plans to see it. You will love it.

Next time I will share my experience at another play that was even better that this! Really? Yes, really.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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