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MGM Grand Spa Las Vegas Best Massage Experts


Dear Wellness Seekers,

MGM Grand Spa Las Vegas Best Massage Experts shares my recent experience which sent me over the moon.  My body so needed the skillful touch of a seasoned professional. They delivered.

Last year was full of major changes for me with major changes of residence amongst the many transitions to endure. Even though I profess the benefits of putting ones Self Care first, I found myself sucked into the vortex of external demands pulling me off my joyful agenda. Over time I knew I lost touch with my body and soul as my activities were absorbed by the need adhere to calendar and clock – deadline upon deadline. My body absorbing the tensions induced by such pressure not to mention the emotional strain.  I just could not find the time. Happy to say this chapter ended in December.

I promised myself after investing in Spanista’ s January Reflection Time to assess my state of wellbeing that I needed to return to practicing the Spanista Philosophy. For me its ‘the way’ to joyful living. If you are a Spanista follower or are new reader fell free to go to Spanista Philosophy and Values Pages to refresh yourself to the practice of joyful practice of Self Care Rituals.

My first expression of Self Care is to take advantage of my time in Las Vegas after my work at The International Builders Show was complete. Late that Friday afternoon I booked a massage at  MGM Grand’sMGM-Grand-Spa-Las-Vegas-Best-Massage-Experts-3.jpegPINIMAGE Spa. I was so overdue, my muscles tight from my traveling to New York and making a presentation to the National Retail Federation and then heading off to Las Vegas for that show. The MGM hotel room was smart to include a service program so when I had a moment I perused the menu. MGM Grand Spa offers am impressive massage offering for Spa Lovers. The various approaches are outlined well with smart descriptions under the header of Touch World Therapies. Inspiring examples include: The Dreaming Ritual; Nirvana; Table Shiatsu and Tai Yoga. This is just a small sample. I booked the service early in my stay so  I could think about as I plunge into working for the AbodShelters Foundation. The reward at the end of the week  I was certain, would bring much needed personal grace because it always did.

Part of the Spanista Massage Ritual is to arrive early allowing you to properly prepare for the MGM-Grand-Spa-Las-Vegas-Best-Massage-Experts-5.jpegPINIMAGEbest possible outcome. I took the long walk through the casinos concourses to get to there. As you can see the mood shifts with an enchanting entrance setting a zen like tone with beautiful art strategically placed as you journey to the lower level after you have the checked in with reception. The Spa asks you to process payment with tip before your service. I think this is smart. It allows you to leave free of any need to encounter a transaction experience allowing you to keep your tranquil state of mind for as long as possible.

The Spa offers a comfortable facility – not overly large but has the important essentials – a whirl pool, sauna, and most importantly to Spanista a quiet meditation lounge. I planned an hour for  reflection time to get my mind, body and soul into the right mood. Happily the promise was kept as everyone to came into the lounge was respectful of the need for solitude. Evidentially I was not alone!


First I went into the heat sauna to warm my muscles to make them more pliable.  Now my time arrived for my treatment. My therapist was highly skilled with one of the best touch techniques I have ever experienced. She gets top marks for savviness and skill. She adapted to my desire for peace and worked my whole body hard. I could feel the relief as the treatment progressed. Why had a postponed this for so long?  I emerged happy, relaxed and a bit tearful as my body felt so much relief. I retreated to the whirl pool area to relax and take in the warmth mentally floating away on a cloud of bliss.

MGM Grand Spa Las Vegas Best Massage Experts helped me leave the spa feeling so much better – more relaxed and more in touch with my body and myself which is always the best benefit I hope for. Now back to my room to shower and pack for the red-eye home. On the flight home, I will allow myself to feel the emotional flow which always comes a bit after.

Do share, does this ever happen to you?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,




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