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Spanista In Touch Tableau Self Care Transition Into Autumn


Spanista-In-Touch-Tableau-Self-Care-Transition-Into Autumn.

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista In Touch Tableau Self Care Transition Into Autumn, celebrates the harvest season. The days and evenings are glorious this time of year as we hang on to the light of the night as long as we can before the inevitable time change thrusting us into evening darkness arrives. Can you feel the shift in emotional energy?

We are awash in the color of gold everywhere, so much so it inspired me to create this weeks Spanista In Touch Tableau with it as a theme: The Golden Best of Autumn Harvest.

Tonight’s At Home Self Care Experience will focus more time on extending my spa time by relaxing quietly away from the influences of the outside world in the comforts of our master bedroom. As I hear from Spanista followers, reading is a wonderful way to focus on something relevant to your life to uplift the spirit.

With all the scariness in the news headlines now, a personal trigger point we can benefit from is to look within to deal with the fear and put it into proper perspective so that we can lead positive and productive lives.

In this Spanista In Touch Tableau you will see the golden glow of nature’s gifts:

~ Harvest Sunflowers smile at me and I can not help but smile back. They make me feel happy.

~ Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay from Sonoma Valley, the buttery taste warms my soul. I especially enjoy it while reading.

~ Sweet Peppers are refreshing and really pop with flavor in pairing with Sonoma Catrer. A healthy treat.

~ Honey Pair Candle is a gift from a friend I treasure who lives back in Wisconsin. Aroma is sensational.

~ Fire in the Heart, A Spiritual Guide for Teens by Deepak Chopra, I found it n an airport bookstore as a gift for a teenaged girl in my family but I thought the lessons were so fantastic as I read it on the airplane, I kept it for myself and purchased another for her. You may enjoy this thought provoking message from Deepak Chopra. I felt the call to visit my earmarked pages again and reflect on what has unfolded since the first time I read it. This book ‘Fire In The Heart’ can be found on

~ My personal touchstone is the orange clay heart – I collect them, this one came from Nashville on a working trip to see a famous musician. She offered me a generous welcome southern hospitality at its finest.

~ Lastly, the amberish string of the beads have a very personal story that ties to a message in the book – should we get to know each other better someday I will share that story. So let me know if you are interested.

Taking the time to prepare this  has a two-fold benefit – sharing it with you and ultimately getting to enjoy it myself tonight. Cannot wait.

What will you so for your Self Care Time today?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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