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Tampa Hits Top 10 List Of Snobbiest Cities In America?

Tampa-Hits-Top-10-List.jpegPINIMAGETampa-Hits-Top-10-List-Of-Snobbiest-Cities-Beautiful.jpegPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Tampa Hits Top 10 List Of Snobbiest Cities In America?

Really. As reported by The New York Post. Well imagine my surprise. This is indeed a first. Who knew?

Spanista could not help but smile when reading this article “Do You Live In One Of The Snobbiest Cities?” that appeared in my mailbox. To see it yourself please click on the link:

I was so taken by it that I had to set aside my planned post about the San Francisco Bay Area where I spent some quality time working for Spanista, to shift back to the topic of my home – Tampa.

Those of you following Spanista since its launch in August know that Tampa has been my home for years. And you also know from my posts that I am very fond of South Tampa – SoHo, Hyde Park, Davis Island and the entire Bayshore Boulevard area. (Please see the Spanista Home Page – go to Category Listings and click on Reflection Walks and Spa Enthusiast Stories  where you care to check out Spansita’s pics and views about life in Tampa’s Soho District. Loads of pics.)

You will see my review of the new Epicurean Hotel and the Spa Evangeline which are referenced in the NY Post article – they each are marvelous experiences in this quaint, relaxed and intimate Soho neighborhood by the Bay. They are wonderful additions to the community so developed to please by long standing good citizens of the neigborhood who have class. An in addition there are many other great spots along Soho that add to its “snob appeal” too.

Calling this Port home as my career took new directions and traveled extensively, always gave me roots and stability when ever I felt my soul needed to catch up to me. Many of my best memories were created in Tampa – my hubby and I built a happy life together with Tampa as our anchor no matter where else we lived.

Over the years people have asked me why I love Tampa and I have used many descriptors to capture the unique lifestyle but NEVER would I have thought of the word SNOBBIE. It is notable that NEVER having been on this New York Post list before Tampa landed at #4!  It beat out major techno cool centers with vast wealth and attitude like San Francisco, and Dallas. Unfortunately not mentioned was our marquee event of true exclusivity – GASPARILLA! The longest and largest Pirate Festival on the planet. Check it out at And great people like Derek Jeter now retired form the NY Yankees now calls it home.

Living in New York, Kansas City and Tampa by choice and having the pleasure of taking in a range of experiences and meeting amazing people in each of them – some of which my hubby and I are fortunate to call friends – we feel lucky to call Tampa home for many reasons. Mostly because of the lovely, warm attitude of its people, the traditions of the neigborhoods, the beautiful environment and healthy focus on wellbeing- a Spanista Lifestyle. It is where Spanista took flight.

And now I have a whole new reason to appreciate Tampa and so do you! Maybe you can come to visit us?

So what do you think f the New York Posts top 10 list of snobbiest cities?

Love to hear your views!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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