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Laline San Francisco Spanista In Touch Tableau Feature




Dear Wellness Seekers,

Laline San Francisco Spanista In Touch Tableau Feature This Week. This is a fantastic Bath and Body Care find that I came upon along Fisherman’s Wharf while in San Francisco. In a previous post I included it as one of Spanista’s 10 Most Loved Spots in The Wharf District. ( See Spanista Travel Diary.)

Spanista is always in search of the next new Spa Lifestyle products to inspire your Self Care Time so you enjoy quality time nurturing yourself physically and emotionally. This caught my attention.

Firstly, when coming upon the store front it was like a sudden breath of fresh air. Secondly, the colorful water front with its eclectic mix of shops, fresh foods and restaurants can overload the senses. The contemporary, clean, fresh white palate provided a canvas for many enticing presentations of personal care products that were so compelling.

The collection is Laline Bath & Body Care – When Body Meets Soul. 

The origins are in the Middle East where this special formulation and brand was born.

I could not resist the intoxicating aromas so I began to happily explore the range from one corner to the next while becoming more excited by what I was experiencing with each new discovery.  I realized time had flown by so made note to come back myself for some personal time to take my exploration to the next level. The ambition to gift myself with a Laline Experience as a part of the Spanista In Touch Tableau Series. I was thinking of what you might enjoy!

When I returned for further indulgence, the Manager Amanda, approached me. How fortunate she was there this visit.  She was so patient and most kind as I sampled one thing after another. I must admit it was hard to choose. They all were yummy and very affordable so anyone can indulge. I finally selected a scent and a few products to send home. There I could put them to my Spanista test. What is it about Bath and Body Care that lights the heart so much?

My favorite scent of the moment: Musk – luscious perfect earthiness aroma for late Autumn.

The package arrived  in protective see through wrap with a golden ribbon as you see here. They  also sell round hat box styled packing which make for fun gifting themes. When it came to the door I was thrilled. Spanista Note: I have come to practice sending myself packages from my shopping when traveling – their arrival at the door makes for a fun way to relive the joys of the discovery of something special you had to have and remind one of the Self Care Agenda that way a joyful part of the trip.

In my delightful personal Laline Gift Hat Box is:

~ Lalinya 001 Body Soap in Musk

~ Laline Body Meets Soul Scrub in Musk

~ Laline Body Souffle ala Cream in Musk – their claim to fame


Spanista Lovers – if you visit the site at or call Amanda at 275 Jefferson Street, at Fisherman’s Wharf  for her personal advice on selections, please tell her Spanista sent you.

Hope you enjoy Laline as much as I do. My Thursday In Touch Tableau, Spanista Self Care Ritual will be relaxing and fun tonight as I spend quality time in quiet reflection while enjoying my leisurely bath and after care with Laline. Cannot wait for tonight!

Let me know what you think after you try it. Love to hear from you!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


P.S. Amanda, thank you for taking such good care of me that day. I LOVE my Laline Bath and Body Care Collection and plan to return come holiday gift giving time.  


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