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Spanista Friday Wellness Tip Discover Neighborhood Shopping

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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Friday Wellness Tip Discover Neighborhood Shopping is a call to action to go local. You will love to know, it is so exciting to experience a new, interesting and stylish area of San Francisco where shops cater to a tasteful clientel. Exploring fashion from a Spanista perspective is an upcoming feature I am shaping for future release called – Spa Chic Style. Stay tuned as something fun is coming.

Arriving at this Neighborhood Shopping Destination, we are welcomed by this happy chalk board message – “Get healthy. Shopping is the best medicine.” I loved this and just had to share it with you. (Loads of pics below.)

If you are anything like me – when Autumn arrives and with it changes in air, do you yearn for a unique shopping experience?  A kind that provides retail therapy encouraging you and a sister/friend to escape to someplace with style and individual character?  A destination offering something special and unexpected – A place where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch over a glass of wine and a heart to heart chat at a charming cafe then shop some more for irresistible treasures? Where you are sad to see the day come to an end as you walk away inspired with sweet memories as well a treat of two to warm you up as the temps get chillier? When was the last time you did this?

Having spent a fair amount of time in many cities in the US and beyond there is at least ONE UNIQUE SPOT in each major city. A quaint neighborhood place that celebrates more tasteful class and less mass. Spanista suggests finding a friend and plan a day to seek it out. Get off the couch surfing websites.Take a walk outdoors and a joyful day will unfold.

As promised, here is a spot that fills the bill – Union Street in Russian Hill. This place is really focused on serving the locals. A rare tourist is seen. Exactly what i hoped for. I wish you could have joined me to experience the street scene here. But maybe offering 12 highlights in this slideshow will tell the story of our excursion. This type of play was especially welcomed on a cloudy cool day. We sauntered form one shop to the next, lunched at Perry’s Cafe, shopped more and found time for a late afternoon refreshment to round out the day.

While in this one of a kind city, I so wanted to go off the grid of shopping chain stores that appear in every mall everywhere to enjoy the voices of the creative shop owner – with a one of a kind point of view. Union Street Shopping District is small but so worth the trip. It delivered that in spades.

Spanista Takeaway: This week’s Friday Wellness Tip shows us Self Care Rituals take on many different forms. Neighborhood Shopping with a dear friend is a beloved Ritual that feeds my soul and makes me happy for all sorts of reasons. How about you? This weekend, call a friend to steal away for a few hours to your neighborhood shopping destination  – the one where the stylish shop owner will look you in the eye and greet you when you walk in and who will happily share ideas, stories and advice. You may all find it enriching. Remember the message board above: “Get healthy. Shopping is the best medicine.”

I look forward to hearing your story. Happy weekend.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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