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Spanista In Touch Tableau Home Spa, Sweet Salt Air Story

Dear Wellness Seeker,

Spanista In Touch Tableau Home Spa, Sweet Salt Air Story is this Thursday’s theme. I have been enjoying this late summer fiction book and am keen to read the last few pages as I look forward to my Self Care Ritual tonight. So with it as inspiration I created my Spanista In Touch Tableau.

How is this week going  for you? September can be a time of transition on many levels as we adjust to new routines as we say good-bye to summer. For me, this week is pushing me into new emotional territory as I explore the possibilities for Spanista, taking care of some major responsibilities on the home front and preparing for our trip. I can feel the stress building.

But tonight I seek the refuge of my Self Care Ritual – In Touch Thursday. This one will be simple yet purposeful with scent and light setting the mood. It will be a relaxing spa bath experience with Sweet Salt Air. As reading is primary means of therapy tonight I gather candles with fragrance notes of Salty Ocean Air to sooth the soul yet offer a hint of Autumn. The spa bath will carry just enough light so I can read in the glow of  candle light. Three candles will shine a romantic light that flickers in dancing shadows on the high walls. This scent is carried through with crystal sea salt bath beads and potpourri that were made by an artisan and discovered In Parkville. The layering of the Sweet Salt Air will be intensified and rise with the waves of steam from the spa bath surrounding me in the feeling of being right on the California Ocean Road. Sweet indeed. I include an Intention Card – ” Devine Wisdom Guides me.” Should my mind wander it helps me stay centered on what is important.

Once I am settled in I reach for Sweet Salt Air By Barbara Delinsky. Reading light fiction allows me to rest my left brain and fully escape. The two main women characters are long time friends that hit a rough patch in their relationship. The story unfolds as they meet various challenges that keep their lives intertwined dealing with past, present and the future. I fell in love with these gals – they are creative, real and flawed in an endearing sort of way which includes the men in their lives. As you may wish to read it (by the way Amazon has it ) I will share only one lesson in the book that speaks to me right now. The wise message is: “Aim High. Shoot High”. It is such a provocative life philosophy – it will be something I explore it as I get In Touch.

Books are a rich and inspiring resource for Spanista In Touch Self Care Rituals. I am looking forward to seeing what actually happens in the end of the book. So tonight is the night.

What was your favorite summer read?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spansita Founder & Self Care Advocate

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