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Laughter Heals Hearts, Thank You Joan Rivers From Spanista



Dear Wellness Seekers,

Laughter Heals Hearts, Thank You Joan Rivers From Spanista is my humble tribute to a woman who addressed life on her own terms by helping us see the truth through a humorous lens. This morning I want to call out that in the Wall Street Journal Leisure & Arts Section there is a featured piece titled, “An Appreciation, Joan Rivers (1933-2014)  Nothing but the Truth” written by Raymond Siller who was longtime head writer for “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. It is worth a moment to read as it no only helps one understand her talented contribution to the world it also gives us insight into her heart and the level of pain from her past she tapped into and transformed into something with a positive effect.

Yes, I loved Joan Rivers.

While I loved her for her cutting take on pop culture which kept her fresh and relevant, there was more I came to admire. Joan demonstrated a savvy strength that I was in awe of growing up which only increased in adult hood.  Strong women especially comedians stand out as super heroes to me. In my career in marketing, I had the pleasure of working with some of the top comedians and watching them close up for extended periods like Rosie O’Donnell, Penny Marshall and Catherine O’Hara, who I was impressed with the most.

They are complex characters that are drawn toward the desire to please others through the unique emotional trigger – LAUGHTER.  Such courage it takes to choose this path for life. They give us their gift and sometimes at a personal expense. Joan embraced her gifts and blessed us with her brand of humor. She new laughter could heal herself and others if we said the truth.

We were built with internal healing mechanisms and LAUGHTER is one blessings we do not stimulate often enough today. There are many medical cases now that reveal it is a powerful antidote to pain and promotes certain forms of healing. It is free for us to enjoy.

Lastly, Joan showed us it is OK to take care of yourself physically – to put yourself first so you can put your best foot forward to feel and be beautiful. This form of Self Care is simply the right thing to do for ourselves. Spanista agrees and thanks Joan for paving the way .

“Dear Joan, Spanista owes a bit of its heart and soul to you – you helped prove by your life well lived that Laughter Heals Hearts.  Hope to see you perform one day on the other side. Can only imagine what your take will be on heaven.”

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

P.S. You may also enjoy this on her official Good Bye Event in the WSJournal- “Funeral sends Joan Rivers off in the glitzy style she desired.”


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