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Spanista Asks What’s Your Essential Self Care Travel Tonic?


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Asks What’s Your Essential Self Care Travel Tonic? Given this is the kick off to the season of road trips, flying to long weekend excursions or an international holiday vacations on a super jumbo jets, having the right essentials within reach can make all the difference. Years of traveling have offered loads of lessons on packing right – especially when it comes to having the right Self Care creature comforts we take for granted when we are at home. Travel ups the need for personal preparation.

Before you step out the door take an audit of your stress reduction needs right now. What worked for you last summer mostly likely will require adjustments – we change more than we think. Here are Spanista’s Summer Essential Self Care Packing Tips to get you thinking. I would love to hear about your so please do share with our Wellness Lovers readers:

1. Berocca – For a healthy energy boost. Discovered this in Australia. It helped me transition into the extreme time zone change so I could be alert and fully engaged weather working, socializing or playing – Berocca works.

2. Music – For soothing the soul quickly it’s my personal playlist that adapts to every mood. Relaxation music helps me fall to sleep. Other times it closes out my seat mates desire to chat. Or when inspiration hits me from the locale fare I search and add it where ever I am at the moment. Playing them later  triggers fond memories of my travels.

3. Notebook – In spite of the digital age we live in there is something compelling about the simple travel notebook. The easy place to record ideas, thoughts and epherma that only come your way only once because you’ve taken a new road to travel. I feel the act of writing down experiences helps me capture details of event happenings and the people I meet so they are not lost. And it clears my mind for the next adventure to be captured. I collect them.

4. Rituals Yin Spray – While traveling from Hong Kong to London to spend a few days checking out the fashion scene on High Street, I discovered Rituals and Spanista fell in love. Especially keen on the impact of Rituals Yin Organic White Lotus Calming Spray has when stresses of travel set in. After spraying my wrist, I take three deep breaths that relax me after take off. Then again before bedtime if traveling long distances. It is my Ritual.

5. Novel Reading – Nothing takes the place of the great escape a vintage hardcover novel can offer, if it possesses a rich story that threads into the past where imaginative characters come to life. Right now I am captivated by The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly…one of a series I discovered strolling the aisles of Barnes & Noble including Tea Rose and Winter Rose.


Finally, Bagging It with Tumi – Picking the essential bag is a very personal matter. Spanista prefers flyweight leather that is pliable so it can expand and contract as needed. The stylish side of Tumi offers colorful yet durable bags. Mine have traveled around the world several times while attracting compliments along the miles. It is made well to take the trama and the distance while fits easily into tight spaces. Currently my kelly green Tumi captures my mood.

Spanista Asks What’s Your Essential Self Care Travel Tonic? Now that Spanista has shared my favorites I would love to hear from you. What helps you enjoy the journey while keeping your Self Care a priority?

Spanista would love to hear from you with recommendations for fellow Wellness Seekers to enjoy too!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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