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Give House Guests Perfect Self Care Spa Bath Experience


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Give House Guests Perfect Self Care Spa Bath Experience when they come to visit this weekend or over the summer. If you are not traveling but instead expecting guests, there is no better way to make them feel special then indulging them in a wonderful spa bath experience while away form home.

Giving the gift of Self Care joyfully rewards both the giver and the receiver.

Here are a few ways to make the set the stage:

1. Spanista believes presentation is everything. It sets a mood that opens the heart and mind to relaxation. To begin with bringing the spa atmosphere to life. Keep it simple – but focus on the right elements.

2. Pick up cues from the season – a stylish bit of pop colors like orange of a sunset and cream of sand, starfish or shells bring to mind the seashore with  various textures to create a tableau of interest. Start with a small vase of white roses or an orchid and build around it to ad a touch of freshness.


3. Select exotic, classy bath and body products to bring moments of self care joy. There are fabulous French Collections that function well to suit both men and women’s tastes. Set a tray with scented soaps, bath crystals, a natural body scrub mitt and body cream. Plus a spray perfume for the pillows to extend the scent longer and into restful bedtime. I like Cote Bastide Fluers D’Orange for summer.

4. Rich lightweight Egyptian cotton towels are welcome – the feel against your skin after a luscious spa bath is heavenly. Pick complimentary colors and use a unique way to tie them together like a gift package to open just for your guest.

5. Top off the experience with a white combed cotton robe ready after a quick shower or a luxurious bath. This can be hung on near the shower or tub with a special soap in the pocket and a pair of colorful flip flops to take home.



Give House Guests Perfect Self Care Spa Bath Experience is a wonderful way to share your Spanista Lifestyle beliefs with dear ones. Introducing them to the rich benefits of Bath Rituals can help them enjoy time with you and allow them to feel comfortable and nurtured long after the visit.

It a true gesture of love.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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