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California Wine Country Journey to Joy Begins


Dear Wellness Seekers,

California Wine Country Journey to Joy Begins With a Reunion. It was marvelous to meet our friends from Melbourne, Australia. This post is dedicated a treasured couple, Launa & Howie. An important aspect of Self Care is nurturing and treasuring life long friendships, especially those we love who live on the other side of the planet by spending quality holiday time together. Such memories are priceless and offer real joy.

We hooked up with Howie at  San Fran International and drove up to Sonoma where we were met by Launa. She just completed a special Board of Directors meeting as she is a Director for a global bank based in Australia and had just completed several days of meetings with SF tech firms like HP, Facebook and Ebay. We landed noonish so off to the rental car and then the ride north of the city. It took over an hour to arrive. Now it is time to relax so we checked into our hotel quickly as we were keen to head out for our first adventure before the wineries closed.

My friends are avid wine explorers and experienced world travelers. Originally from South Africa and Britain they share my love for adventure.

They have been to many remote places like Iceland to see the volcanoes and after the our time together they were headed to Anchorage, Alaska. Then via sea plane into the Kodiak Islands to see the polar bears in their natural habitats.

I wanted them to enjoy this visit to our celebrated wine country through my eyes. To me Sonoma represents the more authentic view of the Cali Wine Experience. Today there are hundreds of vineyards in each Sonoma and Napa Valleys, so the long weekend will allow just a sampling but will be great fun as I want them to enjoy the breath of savior-faire. That meant more than great wine – It meant great ambiance too. I was after a unique discovery – One building upon another for a special holistic memory that would last.

This is a busy time of year in the Valley of the Grape and Napa has become a destination for international tourists so I expected the weekend to be busy. That is why for the three hours we had on Friday afternoon to begin our excursion, we stayed in Sonoma Valley. We found our way to a lovely Vineyard and admitted to looking forward to sampling our first wine flight. Yummmm.

Join me Monday to experience the first Vineyard with us – MANTANZAS CREEK WINERY. A truly delightful beginning…

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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