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Matanzas Creek Winery Surprises & Delights Spanista


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Matanzas Creek Winery Surprises & Delights Spanista as promised by the locals who shared insight about the BEST winery in Sonoma County. It is an easy 15 minute drive from our Hilton Hotel that fit well with my formula: Great Wine + Ambiance = Happy Experience!

With my hubby behind the wheel of our rental SUV armed with his trusted Garmin GPS he takes everywhere to guide him, we set off. The late afternoon sunshine was blessing us with warmth only September brings here which is perfect for grape harvest. Temps were in the 80’s with a gentle breeze stirring now and then. As we moved through the winding roads a golden glow fell upon the rolling hills of perfect rows of vines. We were so happy to be together and looking forward to our first toast to celebrate fulfilling one of our shared travel dream destinations. Alas, we found our first stop nestled in the hills just south of Annadel Estate.

As we arrived we could see a lovely mission style building tucked into the hill among massive tress and groomed rock gardens, including oriental lights and an outdoor patio that looked all so welcoming on this spectacular afternoon. We strolled through the walk up path taking in the beauty before we came to into the tasting room. Upon entering I was thrilled to discover that the aroma I took in the Gardens that appeared to be full of  freshly cut plantings, was recently harvested Lavender – one of natures true healing gifts. Matanzas Creek owners created a lovely Lavender Market featuring an array of offerings from their harvest with the freshness of the scent floating through the air – it was an intimate paradise of delight. We got lost in the presentation of creativity.

Howie helped draw us away from the Market to another indulgence by enticing us to enjoy our first wine tasting flight. We were enchanted by a lovely young gal, who hosted our tasting journey. During our conversation she shared she had taken her Legal Bar exam that week and was anxiously awaiting her result. She was a Wine Enthusiast and enjoyed this environment while working her way through school. Of the four wines we sampled, two proved to be very good measured by the noses and taste buds of my seasoned friends – as we tasted, we explored, we laughed, we learned and loved it all. The Mantanzas 2013 Sauvignon Blanc  and 2011 Pinot Noir were favorites for Howie & Launa who wanted to take a bottle of Pinot to Alaska with them to revisit the warm memory on a cold night. For Spanista, I was intrigued most by the love of lavender and the Pinot Noir.

We would have lingered longer but wanted to enjoy a stroll through the gardens before the Winery closed. Warmed by the wine we walked with our hearts fully open to the moment – taking in the intricate details of the talented gardner’s vision – the trickling water, the crunch of early fallen leaves and song of perfect pebbles under out feet. All under the warm late afternoon sunshine. The Lavender Garden proved most charming, featuring varieties of the plant marked to read. Perfectly groomed now you could inhale the healing powers of the harvest – and could imagine what the garden must have looked like in full bloom of purples and whites on the vista overlooking the valley of green and gold just a couple of weeks prior. A wonderful image of Nature at its finest.

We all agreed it was the perfect beginning – even for my hubby Bob who was out designated driver who did not drink a drop the entire trip – he said it best by saying his nose told the entire story without a drop to the tongue.

The surprise and delight of Matanzas Creek Winery and  California Wine Country is its ability to help us focus on living in the moment with all our senses present and engaged. This type of focus makes us happy therefore is a wonderful Self Care lesson to apply to our everyday lives.

What is your favorite winery in California Wine Country?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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