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5 Random Acts of Kindness Generates Positive Energy


Dear Wellness Seekers,

5 Random Acts of Kindness Generates Positive Energy is a way to bring forth good karma when we may need it most, especially as we look toward the weekend of renewal of  faith – Easter and Passover. So here we are –  90 days into 2015. Where does the time go? If you stop and take a moment to check in on your current state of mind and mood,  I trust you may register how intense life might right now. I know that I feel the pace of life has certainly increased – do you feel that way too?

While I was traveling last week to attend a series of meetings at Purdue University with professors and students at the School of Engineering to advance my humanitarian program, I took time to observe the people where ever I went – in the airport, on the campus and at the hotel and restaurants. Everyone was absorbed in their digital screens moving about with great deliberateness –  barley acknowledging the people they were traveling or dining with. They looked intense too. As I thought about it, I found this rather sad to witness for all of us.

If one is alert and aware of current affairs, it is not hard to see the world seems to get more and more complicated. As one takes in the headlines and tries to absorb the impact of international affairs on our lives here in our own back yards, you can feel your heart rate quicken. A wellness tip: Spanista wants to remind us that this intense, increased energy is absorbed by the body in spite of the fact that we are to busy and numb to notice. But we can assert oursleves to change this impact.

I was speaking with a dear friend I respect deeply, who is a neuroscientist, sharing my observations and asked for his insight. And also asked was there something Spanista could do to change the dynamic for the better?  He offered his views on the current state of America’s mind and mood. He stated, “Today’s around-the-clock bombardment of negative news throws the brain and nervous system into a walled-off fear mode. It’s a kind of powerfully contagious virus that takes over our nerves, rattles them, puts us on edge and on guard, and seeds doubts all around. So we can hurry through a crowd, rushing along and keeping an eye on our touchscreen, without seeing the eyes or feeling the heart of anyone in that crowd.” However he offered – what could change the dynamic? Each time someone steps out of the routine to perform what amounts to a “random act of kindness,” it creates a shift in that dynamic, an insertion of the most valuable kind positive energy into the most mundane of days.  This restores the real human to human connection. Plus it has a ripple effect that touches others in the sphere of that positive energy. How does he know? The research he has conducted over several years has inspired his deep insight.

Spanista Takeaway: 5 Random Acts of Kindness Generates Positive Energy can make all the difference. People want, and even crave, that kind of energy. Think of all the cynicism that you experience in your daily activities – loads of ‘the glass is half empty’ in so many ways.  Now think of it as a real, organic thing created by newsmakers with an agenda. While I know today is deemed April Fool’s Day with a tradition of playing tricks on friends I would like to challenge us to redirect that energy toward a more productive purpose – Doing Random Acts of Kindness. This week is a perfect time to take a spiritual step forward to change the dynamic toward positive energy. Here are some ideas:

1.  Spontaneously bring a homeless person you see a Starbucks coffee and breakfast sandwich.

2.  Bring fresh Easter flowers to a senior citizens home for the oldest person there.

3.  Make a Passover donation to the charity in the name co-workers sick child.

4.  Buy a new children’s Spring outfit and pair of shoes,put it in a gift bag  and take it to a local church – They get it to the right family in need.

5.  Let a Mom who has a cart full of groceries and a baby in tow, to step in front of you in the grocery line. Or let anyone in front of you – just step aside for someone.

Go forth and change the dynamic for the better – remember to come back and share your story with your fellow Spansita’s, ok? Also check out You will love the way it will make you feel!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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