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Welcome Fall: 6 Orange Crush Indulgences


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Welcome Fall: Six Orange Crush Indulgences gives Spanista permission to dream of the rich happy shades autumn even if they have not arrived. Welcoming Fall’s wonderous arrival is a celebration of Seasons of Spanista in its fullest sense. as autumn’s arrival teases us with touches of change by way of cooler mornings and hints of the colors to come in nature we open our hearts to change in our lives. Today Spansita celebrates the rich emotional beauty of ORANGE. Orange Crush Indulgences can bring joy by enhancing any mood and bringing warmth to any soul.

Do you love the orange colors of fall too? Let’s enjoy a moment of fun sparks for the Orange Way of Life:

Welcome-Fall:-6-Orange-Crush-Indulgences-2.jpegPINIMAGE1. Take  a sip or two of Private Reserve Pumpkin Woodchuck Hard Cider discovered at Target.


2. Beautiful vines of orange berries, Firethorn Busch can be found in the south and can be found in replication at finer home design stores like Nell Hills in Briar Cliff Village in Kansas City.


3. Two joys in one – A Great Book of Inspiration ‘How to Live Like A Lady’  by Sarah Tomczak to brush up on your personal style is a home decor accent where ever you leave it.


4. Count these Brown Eyed Daisies on an outdoor stroll through the park while you hear the leaves crunch under your new booties.


5. Enjoy Adult Style Halloween Chocolate for your weekend long party as Mast Brothers can be found in many organic markets.


6. Dynamic wall art can bring excitement and modern flare to your favorite room or office. Look for something that sparks your imagination in colors you love with a dash of orange.



Welcome Fall: 6 Orange Crush Indulgences is the heart of Seasons of Spanista. It is a celebration of this seasons ability to effect our emotional wellbeing through the senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch.  If we take the time to stop our fast paced activity and step back to see the bigger picture we can begin to reconnect with natures gifts. Spanista suggests these experiences will lift our spirits and enrich our days to another level. Autumn is truly a celebration of joyful living.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,






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