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Tell Me About Your Inner Life: What’s Your Rainbow?


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Tell Me About Your Inner Life: What’s Your Rainbow? This stunning photo is taken in Sydney, Australia over the Habour Bridge near the iconic Opera House. I discovered while spending loads of time in Australia that rainbows pop up year round and often in complete form. Everyone stops to delight in them for a moment in silent salute. Although like here, they do not last long, they still never cease to thrill and amaze stopping people in their tracks. (See the photo link Rainbow Over Sydney Harbour Bridge on

The Seasons of Spanista highlights many summer gifts to us – Rainbows occur in the US mostly over the summer months. But the most precious of gifts is the freedom to choose to slow dow and relax in what ever way we choose. How can we make the most of this precious permission be idle?

Summer is a perfect time to go inward, to discover what is happening in your Inner Life. Carve out an hour or two to be alone – just you. Find a place where you can simply chill out and gaze out at nature’s beauty on a lake, a river, a garden. Pick a place that slows the pulse. A place where you can breath deeply. Close your eyes for a period to align you body, heart and mind on this question:

What’s Your Rainbow? Your Inner Rainbow?

~ Begin by going inward to take an honest look at what you believe about yourself and your lifestyle. Are you happy with how you fee with your life? What is your level of Emotional Fitness?

~  Are heavy clouds blocking your view of the rainbow? Doubts about your abilities, destructive thoughts and out dated clutter blocking your ability to see clearly? Crystallize the top three holding you back from living joyfully right now.

~ In your mind’s eye, picture a sky writer airplane scripting out the top three on the sky near the cloud covering the rainbow. Now take a deep breath and imagine yourself blowing them away so the disappear into the atmosphere. Poof! Gone!

~ Revealed is a spectacular rainbow before you. Take in the overall beauty of the spectrum of colors. Now take each color one by one and see the important aspects of your life through each one by one. You will begin to see yourself in a new light. When you see the world through this brilliant spectrum of light, let is act as a kaleidoscope – Let it inspire your view of your life and the future.

~ Be conscious of what pops into your mind – these are important sparks. Ponder them as they are personal insights that emerge from viewing things through the light. Treasure them as ways to enhance your emotional wellbeing bringing more joy to your life.

Tell Me About Your Inner Life: What’s Your Rainbow? This exercise is about seeing life through nature’s gift – the Rainbow. You see, it is more than a phenomena of nature, it is a seasonal gift to mankind that was given to us for our Self Care. Yes, Spanista believes this. We just need to stop for a moment to take time to bring in into our lives in new ways. So, take advantage of Summer’s slow pace to enhance your Emotional Fitness. Life becomes sweeter and brighter as you ascend into this new understanding of yourself.  You will feel the Emotional Fitness emerge. Enjoy it.  Your thoughts on this are welcome!

Go forth with a happier heart and share it with others.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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