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Summer Swimsuit Splash Starts with Sensuous Skin, Part 2


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Summer Swimsuit Splash Starts with Sensuous Skin, Part 2 focuses on the emotional quality of your skin as you take advantage of the summer to expose your physical assets during these warm days and nights.  So you are wondering how can skin hold emotion?

Healthy skin reflects the spirit of the heart and mind through the body. And how you care for your spirit – staying positive, encouraging and joyful, in other words words nurturing your self  will help you glow through your skin from the inside out. To further enhance your skin requires attention and tenderness toward your mind and your body.  When it comes to having the right products to help you exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize Spanista believes it is not so much  that pricey products are better as they attitude your have toward your self care.

Spanista suggests devoting proper time each week over extended periods, and being consistent with the steps in your routine (once you figure out what is your emotions responds to) has more positive effect than anything….even fancy products.

In addition your products and routine should change from season to season. Summer in particular calls for attention to skin textures, glow, protection and illumination in the light and the night. Special attention goes to areas that may not usually be exposed if you live in a cooler climate.

For example, a quality, affordable routine can be adopted with The Laline Collection, as it’s message aligns with Spanista’s –  ‘Where body meets soul’. I discovered it last fall while I was enjoying a wine country holiday in San Francisco.  This summer I suggest this mixology of Laline’s Vanilla Patchouli Collection:

1. Laline Body Scrub and Shea Bar

2. Laline Body Souffle and Body Milk

3. Lanlie Body Oil and Body Mist

4. Laline Scented Candle


Summer Swimsuit Splash Starts with Sensuous Skin, Part 2 will help you focus on the emotional condition of your skin which will help you get out of your mind and into your body. Spanista suggests caring for all aspects of your skin – love your body and connect it to the way your feel. Know that when you get your heart and mind right your inner beauty will shine through your skin. Giving it special attention will help you feel amazing. So when you are ready to head out to the pool or the beach you will emit a glow of happiness that is ever so attractive. Now that is Spanista Self Care everyone can enjoy.

Let me know how you like Laline’s Collection.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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