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Start Spring Fresh With Lush Spa Oxford Street London


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Start Spring Fresh With Lush Spa Oxford Street London puts the spotlight on the a healthful way to step into spring emotionally and physically. As many of us begin to think about warmer days outdoors and shedding layers of clothing along with inner layers of pains points and stress the winter months may have induced upon us. Its is time to indulge yourself in a few hours of deep self care.

Recently, while shopping I came upon a LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Boutique – it was so inviting, colorfully creative with alluring scents calling to me as I stopped to look into the Spring Collection Stories presented in the windows. I recall the very first time I came to experience LUSH. It was on one of my visits to Australia when working with Target Stores which took me exploring the realm of retail in this inspired country.  There are a select group of specialty stores that stood out amongst the crowd, and LUSH was one of them – so unique, clever and playfully exciting. I new then it would be a winner. Some six years later it has found its way into the hearts of many of all ages including Spa Lovers around the world.

There is a special addition that has brought it to another level all together and that is LUSH SPA on Oxford Street. Its menu of services invite you to be transported to another world – even if it is just for a short while. One of the best and newest therapies is THE PLANETS. But it is much more than a treatment, it is sensory experience that nurtures the body from tip to toe, leaving one to feel refreshed, revitalized, and remarkably stress-free.  Let’s begin. Your therapist greets you with calming words that tell the story of what the planets would exactly entail.


Taking inspiration from The Planets the LUSH Spa treatment is comprised of three parts: The Past as a 90 minute massage; The Present as a 30 minute hand arms massage accompanied a palm reading; the future as a 60 minute facial. To begin you are handed a slim deck of cards and asked the shuffle them, then turn them over and spread them out. Next you are asked to pick a card that contains the word that stands out to you. Lets say you pick CONTROL, which is featured on the mars card. As you sip aromatic tea you are taken to you massage room. When you lie down you are looking up a lighted ceiling art scape where your word is projected on the ceiling. A way to help you focus on the issue that maybe causing the stress. The therapist talks through the pressure points to help your relieve the ‘CONTROL’ tension in your body. Together you release the tension for a much greater result – restoring your body to a natural rythm. Next  you move onto to realize tea cup is almost empty – at the bottom of the cup you discover the word CONTROL at the bottom of the cup. It is refilled and now we move into the arm and hand massage and the reading where the insight is unbelievably spot on and it is not hard to be impressed by this especially as this is a first visit. By now you feel like you have stepped into another way of life – so chilled out, yet oddly alert and focused.

And now The Future – The theme here is ‘It’s ok to let go.’ By now the soothing facial is allowing you to heal my mind, heart and soul.  A favorite part is the ending with a tingly head massage. It just seems to set ones head right to face the world again, clear minded and energized. After you areStart-Spring-Fresh-With-Lush-Spa-Oxford-Street-2.jpegPINIMAGE dressed you are presented with a cool glass of water and a goodie bag of the products you were treated with so you can enjoy them at home.

Start Spring Fresh With Lush Spa Oxford Street London allows you to feel magical and lost in yourself for a few hours so you can find yourself just in the time walk into spring with a fresh attitude. Why not check it out in your city and pick up their newsy Spring Catalog!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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