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Spring, Spring What A Wonderful Thing!

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spring, Spring What A Wonderful Thing! It is what a Spanista expects that Spring delivers. A rainbow of joyful color. If you are having a good day – this will take it to the next level. If you need a lift – this will help turn the corner to a brighter day.
This weekend in Kansas City I came to the door of the home of a very dear lady in my life. A woman who takes her role as a mom very seriously – she is full of energy and love for everyone who walks across this threshold. She and I are very different but yet we have several things good things in common. One in particular is we share a passion for celebrating the seasons. So now we love the promise of spring. You can see how seriously she takes this from the pic.
We love chatting away about planting the best flowers and a first time vegetable garden – all the details are explored like what, when, were and how. The dream. It makes for a joyful relaxed time sitting on the patio with a cup of our favorite tea in hand. The sun warming our faces with a kiss on the nose. We forget about all the stresses that life. We are surrounded with ideas and plans for beautiful bounties – color flowers of life and healthy vegetables full if vitality. Even if we do them or not does not matter – it is the promise of planning that lifts the spirits. It evokes the feelings of joy remembering back when I heard these chats between my Mother and my Aunts. It symbolizes life does go on and we must keep pace to enjoy it.
Everyday in Spring, Mother Nature delivers a fresh new vibrant present. It’s a joy just to wake up every morning, pop into your workout gear and take a Spanista Reflection Walk to discover what given birth this new day!  On the way home I spotted these spring treasures that would only last for a few short days. I felt blest to find them on my  – it was like our joyful conversation attracted these to me so I could share them with you.
 Here is a Spring Poem by Lizzy Tish that fits the Spanista magical mood….
How lovely it is to stroll through a garden as spring is about to appear
With all the blossom and buds bursting out of themselves,
as if saying “Look, we are here”
The colours abound in pastels and hues of all shades and sizes,
With whites, and pinks, and blues and all other disguises.You sit for a while on a garden bench,
Feeling the warmth of the energy that surrounds you,
Smiling to yourself and thinking how wonderful it is,
This is the life you tell yourself, how could there be need for more
When you look at all about you, and feel at peace ever more.Ah well! You tell yourself, Lets not get too carried away,
There’s plenty to do, like mowing, and clipping to keep busy,
On this beautiful balmy day,
You don your gloves, and bend your knee to tend to the plants
that are asking for your care,
And again you become enraptured by the scene
Of this tapestry thats enfolding right there.But this time, you’re part of it, as you dig, and pull and tug,
Becoming one with the earth, rejuvenating both you and the shrubs above,
Shaping them, with practised eye, and watching for the bud,
That will bear the fruit in the coming year,
As a mark of their love.You finally finish at days end with a sigh and a wish,
That all about you are well and contented
As this feeling you have of sweet accord,
Of being one with the world, and one with your lord.
by Lizzytish
Spanista Takeaway: Spring, Spring What A Wonderful Thing! 

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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