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Special Tribute Anniversary Experience Breakers Spa Palm Beach


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Special Tribute Anniversary Experience Breakers Spa Palm Beach is a delightful way to devote a day to reflection, sharing and caring for your soul. It has been long overdue for me to enjoy a wonderful spa and massage experience. My sister-in-law Tammy and I have been speaking about spending a spa day together, but were always too many miles apart with busy careers to do so. Alas, now that we live a few shorts miles apart we set aside a date to relax and be pampered. Our choice was the Breaker Spa, Palm Beach. It also was the

This historical landmark resort on 140 acres has many stories to tell. You can feel the spirits of the past whispering to you as you walk the grand corridors. This zip code is the home of many very wealthy families from the upper east coast, especially New York City. The residents include famous names like The Astors, The Morgan’s, The Kennedy’s, The Vanderbilt’s and of course nowa days The Donald Trump Family, who all spent considerable time at The Breakers.


I love resorts with a past so this is a visit long over due for me. I heard of the grand gardens and the even more grandeous Italian Renaissance Style Architecture harkens back to 1896. It is built on a stunning stretch beachfront by Henry Flagler an oil, real estate and railroad tycoon to accommodate travelers on his Florida East Coast Railway. This place has certainly passed the test of time.

Mr. Flagler was very progressive as he included a golf course and a baseball stadium – both considered progressive and world-class in the day.


Th Spa has just completed a multi million dollar renovation. You can see the fresh, modern and relaxing environment. There are many high-end, sophisticated design elements in a creamy white decor scheme. My favorite place was the outdoor patio with reflecting pool.  A peaceful place to extend the benefits of a massage to the fullest.  The service was very good. We were offered a glass of champagne and a selection of light snacks – fruit kabob, nut medleys, along with miniature pastries. Of course coffee, flavored waters and teas were plentiful.  It was at his time I toasted my lovely Mother who passed exactly 20 years ago on the day. I know she was smiling on me and Tammy from above. I took a few moments to speak with her in my mind and thank her for all he did for me.  Including the values she instilled in me – my deep faith, courage and tenacity to cultivate my unique talents and face the future head high no matter the circumstances.

After, we headed into the hotel for lunch in the Flagler Lounge – expansive and luscious – both the food and surrounded were world-class indeed. Note the initials on the wine glass and the stunning orchid arrangements – so many to enjoy that are larger than life – ever so breathtaking. It reminds me one cannot have enough beauty in one’s life – flowers were Mother’s passion so fitting indeed.


Special Tribute Anniversary Experience Breakers Spa Palm Beach is for anyone who wishes to salute a loved one. While I share the wonderful experience at The Breakers it is also a heartfelt story of celebrating the memory of a woman in my life I loved dearly and miss daily – my Mother Lottie Victoria. On September 23 it was 20 years since her passing. She would be so happy I was celebrating her life in this way – making my self-care a priority for a day in such a wonderful way – even if it was long over due.  Great joy can come from taking time celebrating our past.

To Your Self Care Journey To joy,


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