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Spanista Suggests Personal Green Space Brings Everyday Joy


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Suggests Personal Green Space Brings Everyday Joy is a means of enriching our souls in a simple yet rewarding way that lasts.

I came upon a stimulating review of Green Space Ideas to create personal ways to bring spring to life both indoors and outs. Spanista loves the idea of having a green thumb but unfortunately I did not inherit my Mother’s master gardener’s talents. But even if you do have a green thumb, with so many of us living such complicated life styles, it can prevent the opportunity to enjoy loads of time gardening. Yet Spanista believes we need this vital connection to nature that is so essential to our wellbeing. Why? Because tending to something from fragile seedling as it grows to maturity brings you out of yourself and into the gentle rhythm of life. This devoted time can help reengage the soul with the miracle of living things in a world heavily concentrated on virtual abstractions on technical aps.

These Green Space Ideas are a happy discovery in the NYTimes Sunday Styles Section as an article titled “Green Space” by Marianne Rohrlich. She shares 8 ideas that appeal to the heart of all types of gardeners. Here are my favorites:

1. Terrariums are micro worlds of green joy. This succulent garden has been made out of  a repurposed wine bottle. If you are not adventuresome enough to create it yourself, the Museum of Modern Art Design has a kit ready to go. You can find find it at

2. Strawberry Patch Tower with saucer accommodates 28 Mara des Bois strawberry plants from White Flower Farm. Tower can be found at Home Grown Gourmet Products.

3. For the people who would rather enjoy splendor of the garden without getting their hands dirty, or for relaxing after gardening to enjoy the fruits of your labor there is a large woven-cotton Grand Caribbean Nicaraguan hammock that holds two people – for a perfect afternoon cuddle nap. It comes from Hayneedle. Love the luscious sage green hue.


Spanista Suggests Personal Green Space Brings Everyday Joy can be a very personal garden.  It can have a home in your office, your kitchen or a table top anywhere in your home that you will see frequently. But of course they make wonderful gifts too – Mother’s Day, weddings or birthdays.

Remember surrounding yourself with fresh green colors has tremendous positive impact. These colors soothes and relaxes you mentally, as well as physically; Helps alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety; and Offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony. A perfect self care anitodote. No wonder we crave it. Read more at:

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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