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Road To Ghana Africa Humanitarian Experience


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Road To Ghana Africa Humanitarian Experience begins my multi part story of devoting 8 days to humanitarian work in the rural bush country with partner NGO organized by a new friend and his teen son has had a profound effect on me.  Frankly, my feelings are twirling in my heart like tumble weeds in the wind rolling across acres of dry red earth.

Being the Adventure Seeker that I am, I am familiar with many remote areas but Africa always carries a distinct image that varies so greatly from country to country. Extremes in cultural behavior can threaten life in a single moment. For anyone traveling in Africa you are always mindful that winds of change could blow from a different direction from one day to the next with out warning.  But for those of us committed to building AbodShelters Villages of The Future to help transform living conditions for disadvantaged families in the developing world we are willing to travel to where ever the need is armed with the mean to make a difference for people who deserve better.

One of the challenges of being int he bush is that wi-fi is just not available – another thing we take for granted.  So my blogging has been disrupted for a few days. If you are a Spanista follower, you know that I started my journey last my journey last Sunday. I just finished packing when I got a call from Doug the trip organizer saying his first flight was delayed  translated to I will miss all the subsequent flights too. Argh – the real adventure begins this minute as traveling with an experienced companion who knows the ropes is preferred in Africa, I knew I had to dive into the trip myself.



Delta Airlines knows Africa. My first Delta flight from Kansas City to Detroit at 5:45 pm offered me a tight connection but I took a moment to stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar to pick up one last American Sweet treat before leaving the country. I arrived at my gate easily so I simply walked onto the plane. Off now on my 8 hour transatlantic flight to Amsterdam at 10:15 pm where I settled into my seat and took in a movie, meal and some red wine hoping to help lull me into slumber to get some rest before the next leg. Arriving in the Netherlands Schiphol International Airport was uneventful – thank goodness. But the 4 hour waiting between flights a study in people watching – the French call it voyeur. The next KLM flight is lively with chatter in languages I do not understand. Ghana has 62 difference tribal dialects alone with people anticipating arriving home to their homeland. We arrived at 8 pm. But it took a full 90 minutes to clear immigration, get my luggage and clear customs. Happy that my bag had arrive after a couple of tranfers as all my essentials to survive the busy were contained within.

Now I with my courage dial turned up its highest  level – I walked out of the airport and into the Africa night air – just taking in my first breath of fresh air in 24 hours I knew I walking into a completely new world…..

Road To Ghana Africa Humanitarian Experience  – Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing the many dimensions of this remote area. Especially sharing  my experiences and the affects it has on myself and others. Spanista believes a valuable dimension of Self Care Practices is giving of ones time and talents to help others is essential path to explore in life on the journey to joy. This is a labor of love for humanity.

Come bak again to take the journey with me, won’t you?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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