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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Blessing: Art of Being Lucky


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Blessing: Art of Being Lucky takes a closer look at a notion that plays into many people’s lives. For example, you hear comments from successful people saying ” I was lucky.” St. Patrick’s Cathedral pictured here has always been a lucky place for me when living in New York – I do believe as a spiritual touchstone, it gave me strength to Be Lucky in the big city.

Today, it seems like a good day to examine the Art of Being Lucky. There are two kinds of luck. The first has to do with what you have, while the second has to do with what you don’t have. The first kind of luck has been described as the pursuit of happiness (looking back on the good things in your life), while the second kind is a fountainhead where at times, one can instantly experience pure joy (unexpected coincidences).

With Happy St. Patrick’s Day upon us, why not learn to experience luck in the present tense?  If you are proactive about it you can feel just as lucky as someone who recently received some long-awaited good news, without having to endure a period of anxiety beforehand. So let’s put on our shamrock glasses to see things differently.

Now step it up to the Art of Being Lucky – You cannot control what you get from life but you can learn to be lucky all the same. Only when you reject cliché’s about success will you be so lucky as to be very fortunate in the end.



Happy-St.-PatrickPINIMAGESay you land a new apartment in the Manhattan neighborhood you love and while walking to work a new way you discover a fabulous green waterfall park! Then you turn down another street and pass by a gallery window where a beautiful painting is being hung that mirrors the feeling you got when you stepped into the park. You look into the Gallery and suddenly see an old college friend you lost track of. You reconnect through the glass window. Lady luck?

Now you cannot control what you can get from life, but you can learn to be lucky all the same. The trick is to get so organized that eventually your plans will go astray and Lady Luck will have no choice but to show her hand. The best strategy is to treat your life as a journey, happiness as an adventure to the Land of Oz.

When learning the Art of Being Lucky, traveling is the metaphor of choice. look at life as you were planning for a great trip.Tthe night before you go about your first day of sight seeing carefully peruse the map to locate various points of interest. Study your transportation modes and makes plans on what your will do to get from point A to B. Write down the exact hours you want o be at each point. In other words make a plan.

Now as the day begins, relax about it. Start with the plan but allow yourself to go with the flow. Being prepared gives you the extra confidence you will need to take calculated risks, linger too long over lunch, let yourself be seduced by a roadside attraction, try a short cut. It is usually when luck smiles on you. The tipping point is likely to be the weird coincidence. Quite by chance you will come upon something special happens that brings you a rush of joy – you see a beautiful painting you always wanted to see by chance because you tool the short cut and then you hear a guest at the hotel bar talking about it and you strike up a conversation and make a new friend –  when randomness gets up close and personal, you know that you are on the right track.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Blessing: Art of Being Lucky is a premonition, though you don’t know what will happen next, you feel that you have secured the blessings of the gods. In life only when you take the chance of being a little wrong will things turn out right when all is said and done. May luck be yours!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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