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Good News Monday: Wise Diary Planning Divine Appointments


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Wise Diary Planning Divine Appointments could be your saving grace during the holidays. Tis the season. It seems to have arrived quickly for me this year? How about for you?There is a wonderful piece of advice that was shared with me recently by someone who knows my commitment to spreading the word about the true benefits of practicing Self Care Rituals. Because it resonated with me I put it into practice myself. I love it so I want to pas it along.
This gentleman told me This Gem was a special gift that was passed onto him and it practicing it has given him priceless perspective. So he was paying it forward.
Spanista wants to remind you at this time of year it is essential to take a moment to evaluate your priorities. This will help you be certain you do not give into the anxieties of the holiday’s and to set your mind on caring for yourself first and foremost.
Wise Diary Planning Self Care Divine Appointments leads to more Love and Insight. This practice is about shutting out the external noise with a commitment to a greater understanding of my spiritual gifts and divine potential. Thus, private silence and reflection are the most important activities on my calendar. These divine appointments are reminders that take me away from the rush of everyday life into a quiet, peaceful state of being. In my time in the Silence, I become more aware of who I am and the love in and around me.

Creating a daily habit for private reflection opens the door for wisdom and love to express through me to others. God’s love is my inspiration, and the greatest thing in all my life is my personal spiritual path. I become clear of mind and heart feeling One with the goodness of my Creator.

Basking in that Oneness, I am courageous, strong, and fulfilled. Ready to return to the world full of holiday activities

Good News Monday: Wise Diary Planning Divine Appointments helps me better cope with the unpredictability of everyday life especially during this season when expectations all around us can become extreme. Spanista shares this with you while wishing you above all else PEACE OF MIND this holiday Season.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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