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Good News Monday: The Easter Passion Story New Orleans Style


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: The Easter Passion Story New Orleans Style is a thoughtful, contemporary multi-media play broadcast LIVE last night from New Orleans tonight on FOX Network. It tells the 2000 year old the story of The Passion of Christ played out in contemporary times. The ambitious effort is anchored by a focal point event performance outdoor stage all done in brilliant white with dynamic gospel singers.

It is full of modern music intertwined with the ancient story of love, betrayal, death and promise of The Resurrection. An emotional production – done with deep respect of the faithful, people who clearly have been touched by the personal pains of Katrina now ten years ago but still deeply marks the wellbeing of the community of strong survivors. The performers are world class – for example Tyler Perry host and narrates The Story and  Mary the Mother of Jesus is played by Trisha Yearwood – and beautifully done. And Chris Daughtry plays Judas while Seal plays Pontius Pilate. A dramatic feature is The Passion Procession winding through the city to arrive at the event stage where the story is narrated by Mr. Perry, and scenes of Jesus and the Apostles played out in real locations throughout New Orleans.

This celebratory media event of positive faith is an beautiful Easter Gift. This is such a cultural breakthrough. A welcome change from the programing messages that seem to prevail today with the focus on racism, violence and murder cases. And the political foray that makes us cringe as we watch the presidential race unfold.

Here is a very special twist. Nichelle Turner of  Entertainment Tonight reports as the drama hightens further. As the Passion Procession unfolds a  20 foot cross illuminated with white light is being carried from the Superdome/Duncan Plaza down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter to the presentation stage in Woldenberg Park on the banks of the Mississippi River. It will take about 90 minutes. And is being carried by the Salvation Army representatives. This huge cross symbolizes love, strength, hope and triumph for the city that is still recovering. And it extends to all mankind  as a symbol of justice, peace and healing as it bridges the bond of our humanity for good not evil. As it unfolds it acts like a breathe of fresh air. An uplifting spirit of a program like this is bold and better for our society. Unfortunately it is far too rare. We ALL so need an uplifting message of selfless love in these troubling times. Living your faith out loud is the way.

There is one stunning performance of  “Calling You Angles” when Jesus is praying for deliverance from his fate that raised the hairs on my arms and brought tears to my eyes.

Good News Monday: The Easter Passion Story New Orleans Style is an emotional tour du force. Congratulations New Orleans, Fox along with the Creators, Producers and Sponsors. You are speaking out for the faithfilled. Thank you for this act of faith. You may enjoy seeing more and who the rest of the cast are at FOX-The-Passion.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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