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Good News Monday: Tampa Riverwalk Comes To Life


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Tampa Riverwalk Comes To Life along the Hillsborough River downtown. It has been planned for completion some time ago so seeing it progress is very exciting.

It is a great spot for a Reflection Walk in downtown that is know mostly to those who live near or in the city proper. Starting from newly developed Waterworks Park, where Shakespeare in the Park was being performed, stepping down to the Kennedy Bridge and back makes about a 2 mile stroll. A perfect outing for a focused Self Care time.  Now thanks to new monies flowing into the city by Boston investor Jeffrey Vinik who also is the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightening Hockey Team, the new phase of the Riverwalk is under construction with a dedication to be completed in 2016. It has a unique sense of design that will set this city apart of other such ventures that celebrates the natural geography while modernizing its utility for human enjoyment. Mr. Vinik, I do thank you for seeing the vibrant potential of this city.


The Tampa Riverwalk plans to tie together the various cultural and entertainment features. Here are 10 things to enjoy in area:

1. Straz Center for Performing Arts, one of my favorites –

2. Curtis-Hixon Greenway Park

3. Glazer Children’s Museum and Water Park

4. Tampa Museum of Art

5. University of Tampa with its architectural treasure – the minarets which where once the stately symbols of the historical Tampa Bay Hotel, now a service hall.

6. Tampa Convention Center where the last Republican Presidential Convention was held

7. Amalie Arena, home to the Tampa Bay Lightening

8. Cruise Ship Passenger Center and Docks

And it will connect various 9.) hotels and 10.) restaurants along the way. Along with The Tampa Riverwalk development will come many more such welcome establishments as the development takes shape.


Spanista Takeaway – Good News Monday: Tampa Riverwalk Comes To Life along the Hillsborough River was time well spent. Seeing this kind progress is energizing for the soul and many people enjoying it while thinking about the promise of what is to come. On the walk back I noticed a new exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Art, one of the most popular American artists of the past century, Norman Rockwell (1894–1978), a keen observer of human nature and a gifted storyteller.  For nearly seven decades, while history was in the making all around him, Rockwell chronicled our changing society in the small details and nuanced scenes of ordinary people in everyday life, providing a personalized interpretation—albeit often an idealized one—of American identity. Rockwell’s contributions to our visual legacy are many. I really want to see his works so plans are int he making. Do you have a favorite Rockwell image?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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