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Good News Monday: Spring’s Spiritual Awakening Blooms In Color


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Spring’s Spiritual Awakening Blooms In Color right before my very eyes. I just have to open them and see with a clear heart to realize natures seasonal gifts are speaking to me if I take time to notice.

As the year unfolds with the arrival of Spring in glorious spring colors, I take time for reflection. Spring is traditionally a time to release old thoughts and beliefs, refresh your home, launch new projects, and change old patterns.Good-News-Monday:-SpringPINIMAGE

I ask myself: What troubles from the past am I ready to release? What hurts am I ready to forgive? What experiences and relationships do I want to manifest and flourish? The beauty that springs from the earth in the forms of tulips and daffodils reminds me of how fragile life is. We have such limited time here on earth. Why not make it the best experience it can be?

So I become still and turn within, opening my heart and mind to answers from the Spirit within me. I prayerfully consider which steps are mine to take and remember to be patient with myself as I bravely try something new. Change happens one step at a time. Spring’s amazing flowers remind me that my attitude toward my daily life can be my choice. I can choose each day forward to be full of a rainbow of vibrant colors  or full of grey clouds that limit my views and my potential to live my life to the fullest while on this great place called Earth.

Good-News-Monday:-SpringPINIMAGEWith a new mindset I am guided to an amazing future in the months ahead – starting with today.

I am about to create new heavens … a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered.  —Isaiah 65:17

Good News Monday: Spring’s Spiritual Awakening Blooms In Color is a story of springs arrival in Philadelphia while I was there this weekend to see a friend play baseball for the Phillies. The city are alive as Spring had sprung everywhere. My first real visit to the city was a brilliantly positive experience for my self-care.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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