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Good News Monday: NYTimes Style Editor Reports Post Trend Universe


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: NYTimes Style Editor Reports Post Trend Universe offers an interesting point of view. For those of us who enjoy monitoring the fashion world as it blossoms with new trend exertions every spring, especially when the Fashion Week circuit unfolds starting with New York, this pronouncement captures the imagination.

One of my favorites things to look forward to around Valentine’s Day is the official kick off to spring fashion editorial. This weekend the arrival of The NY Times Style Magazine, called T, for Spring arrived on my door step. The Editor’s Letter by Deborah Needleman. This was accompanied by an article by Cathy Horyn that elaborated on this theme in the LOOKOUT/ Sign of the Times feature with the headline, “The Post Trend Universe, In a World Where Fashion Moves Instagram-fast, the ‘look’ of the season is a thing of the past.” Frankly from Spanista’s perspective, this  pronouncement is cause for rejoicing because I could not agree more. Alas – the editors are getting it.

For years my career spun around helping my clients interpret what was unfolding on the runways and what resonates with fashion editors so that it could define style trends for everyday women with real lives – women balancing career, family and life who live outside of Manhattan. Since the great recession set in I have observed major shifts in women’s attitudes and behaviors. There are a lot of women in the rest of the country that enjoy trend watching but see little to no relevance to it in their lives. They have too much else going on that is important to them. And thanks to the internet this gap is addressed by style bloggers who are dancing on the wings of reality creating success because they get this and are delivering lifestyle solutions.



I have always believed in expressing one’s individual style but what I learned while working in the fashion and retail industries, as well as living in the NYC – one of fashion’s snobbiest cities in the world – is that you are judged daily by what you wore – totally superficially – a friend called the judgmental look ‘The Manhattan Once Over” generally sentenced by fashion elitists in the industry. They were looking for trend right signals in your look. Translation – had you read Monday’s edition of Vogue – if you did, you were sporting the newest shade of peacock-blue that emerged from the editors arbitrage of latest runway fashion. You were included or excluded in the ‘inner circle’ depending upon your early adoption of those trends into your daily wardrobe. Which meet changing it up daily to stay current. Exhausting and expensive. Stressful. Externally focused.

Both Deborah Needleman and Cathy Horyn suggest that as spring fashion arrives, “The solution is to rely on our own instincts, which is something that many women featured in this issue – musicians, writers, artists women like Bjork! – have in common – an ability to filter myriad influences to create an unmistakably personal voice.”  They go further to state –  “Is choice overwhelming? Yes. But the freedom to dress as you like, in clothes that suit your body and reflect your tastes, is well worth exercising.”


 While monitoring shopper trends for the country entire,  I could see emerging the shifting sands of change in consumer behaviors when it came to style expectations and patterns of adoption. These changes along with my personal experiences lead me to believe there was another wave coming – a wave that offered more joy and satisfaction for women. It was a personal style expressed around ones lifestyle not what the runways and fashion editors said was right for you – it was the seedlings of what I eventually adopted a Spa Chic Style a style right for me and the way I live now. A style that is everything I love about  Urban Coastal Spa Mindset.

Spanista Takeaway: There is a growing wave of women opting for a ‘Higher Vantage Point’ for viewing style’s role int their lives. It has less to do with following trends that are meaningless due to the disconcerting influence of fast fashion – It is about defining ones LifeStyle from the inside out – The way to you want to express yourself that is true to your creative voice.

Good News Monday: NYTimes Style Editor Reports Post Trend Universe is about starting a conversation about Life Style dressing from the inside out.

Love to hear your thoughts about this – What mindset drives the way you dress to live well today? 

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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