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Good News Monday: Last Minute Gift Idea ‘Color Me Stress-Free’


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Last Minute Gift Idea ‘Color Me Stress-Free’ is one of the most simple yet soothing ideas to inspire adult play Spanista Style I have come across is some time.  While shopping for holiday gifts at one of my favorite stops – Barnes and Noble Bookstore in my new neighborhood in Stuart, Florida, I was browsing for inspiration, when I came upon this delightful ‘Art Therapy’ coloring books for adults presentation. Needless to say it stopped Spanista in my tracks.Good-News-Monday:-Last-Minute-Gift-Idea-PINIMAGE

Who could not love the notion of bringing back the sense of play and creativity we once enjoyed as children – Do you recall your first box of Crayola Crayons (a great Kansas City Company)  and themes coloring book? It way the first ever interactive tool we enjoyed that encouraged us to express ourselves? As a creative soul just thinking about it conjours up loads of positive emotions and memories. I love the smell of the new box of color that explodes when you first opened it. The sheer joy of seeing the many images outlined before me awaiting my personal touch so full of possibilities.

Now some clever person drew upon these positive emotions and combined them with the positive therapy the Asian Ancient Philosophers professed as mindful practices where pure focus on a small task for a period of time can clear and clam the mind to relax mind , body and soul – a practice to relieve stress. Brilliant creator Johanna Basford has sold 15 million books in 40 countries. You can buy them for half the price of a yoga class.

The collection I found was vast and could appeal to anybody plus they are very affordable. All you need is a box of colored pencils of pens and one book to get you started.  I loved the themes like ‘Color Me Stress-Free’, a Zen Coloring Book or ‘Buddhism, 1oo Designs’ or’ Color Your Year Calendar, Mindful Coloring Through The Seasons’?Good-News-Monday:-Last-Minute-Gift-Idea-PINIMAGE

Good News Monday: Last Minute Gift Idea ‘Color Me Stress-Free’ to gift someone your love and gift yourself was only reinforced when I found this idea featured in Departures Magazine.  To Spanista, it not only makes a great gift idea, it is so affordable you can buy one or two for yourself too. Just think of how this could bring you to a peaceful state of mind in so many situations this holiday? For example, what a great way to de-stress while waiting to board your plane or while flying. Or after having a long mindless conversation with a distant relative over Christmas brunch? Put the screen await for a way and detach. Why not head to Barnes and Noble before the holiday begins to indulge in this little gift of heaven. I highly recommend it because I already have.

Happy Holidays from The Spanista Family To Yours!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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