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Good News Monday: IBS 2016 Las Vegas Premiers AbodShelters Design

Good News Monday: IBS 2016-Las-Vegas-Premiers-AbodShelters-Design-2.jpegPINIMAGEGood News Monday: IBS 2016-Las-Vegas-Premiers-AbodShelters-Design.jpegPINIMAGEGood News Monday: IBS 2016-Las-Vegas-Premiers-AbodShelters-Design-1.jpegPINIMAGE

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: IBS 2016 Las Vegas Premiers AbodShelters Design reveals the emergence of an encouraging trend toward acceptance of humanitarian design by an industry that is rebounding from the economic downturn in the US back in 2008. It has been an arduous process for many home building companies and suppliers but now there is an update tone looking forward. This is great news for our mission too.

Our AbodShelters Foundation presented our low cost housing solution, The Abod, at the International Builders Show for the first time. It was part of the “Tiny Home, Tiny Town” Exhibit where we were the  alternative concept to the typical approach to trendy Tiny Homes that is capturing theGood News Monday: IBS 2016-Las-Vegas-Premiers-AbodShelters-Design-3.jpegPINIMAGE imaginations of many seeking simpler, more affordable ways to live. As Executive Director of the Foundation it is my mandate to advocate for homeless populations to be recognized as worthy of our attention and support. It is something I am passionate about. Those of you who follow Spanista know my belief that expressing love by giving back to help people in real need is a key pillar to living a rich and joyful life.

The Good News: Happy to share thousands of the shows attendees toured our AbodShelter and inquired about our mission. That included Ty Pennington, designer, co host of American Diner and humanitarian who is the AbodShelters FoundationGood-News-Monday:-IBS-2016-Las-Vegas-Premiers-AbodShelters-Design-6.jpegPINIMAGE Goodwill Ambassador. We thank Ty for donating his time to this cause. Ty came by to do media interviews and meet with our team and see visitors. Many times there was standing room only to view the Abod.  The words of encouragement and interest in offering us various forms of support were exciting.

The common theme that rises to the top from talking with people living in various cities across the country is the homeless populations are increasing so quickly and there is not enough attention and support to deal with it productively. The question is “Why are we not taking care of our own?”

What an important and heart wrenching question this is!!! I ask it everyday to keep me focused on the tremendous need – here in the US and around the world where one third of the global Good News Monday: IBS 2016-Las-Vegas-Premiers-AbodShelters-Design-5.jpegPINIMAGEpopulation lives on less that $1 a day so safe, lasting shelter is only a dream.  But is the US mindset ready to tackle the homeless issues our own society is experiencing? This last week the Mayor of Seattle issued a Sate of Emergency on this issue where homelessness increased by 19% compared to last year. See this article in the Seattle Times. We have an important up coming election – I have not heard any candidate address this issue. Do we leave it up to NGO’s and local governments to deal with it? Or are we ready to tackle this on another level collaboratively?

Good News Monday: IBS 2016 Las Vegas Premiers AbodShelters Design asks the hard questions. How to bring more joy to your life? Devoting time to serving your communityGood News Monday: IBS 2016-Las-Vegas-Premiers-AbodShelters-Design-4.jpegPINIMAGE in order to bring joy to others who need it more!  Consider your role as we look into this election year. Lastly, AbodShelters was designed to democratize housing for the world’s neediest populations – to be faster (build in one day), affordable and sustainable. We need the support of people like your to help us make a difference – just like this Las Vegas law enforcement team! Living well by example.

Go to to learn more and or donate to the cause.

And I am interested in your opinion. What do you think is needed to address US Homelessness productively?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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