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Good News Monday: April Blossoms Jasmine’s Soulful Scent


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: April Blossoms Jasmine’s Soulful Scent brings you its  intoxicating freshness. If jasmine are in bloom, it’s April here in Tampa Bay. So I want to share it with you as a moment to escape. Just use your imagination, take in these pics and breath in. Now repeat. Can you smell them too?

This week, my Spanista Reflection Walk takes place in the early evening, so I am thrilled to experience its night time powers again. As the fragrance envelops me with joy, I can not help but wonder, does the jasmine flower hold some magical property, capable of affecting our heart, soul, and body?  After all, its beauty and sweet scent have been known to inspire writers enough to name the jasmine “the poet’s flower.” Here is one quote I love:

“Many a perfume breathed From plants that wake when others sleep From timid jasmine buds that keep Their odour to themselves all day But when the sun light dies away Let the delicious secret out To every breeze that roams about” ~ Thomas Moore

The Spiritual Nature of Jasmine goes beyond its beauty and lovely fragrance. This plant also holds energy as an essential oil. It is believed by herbalists that every essential oil holds an energy vibration that resonates with the human body. What qualities does jasmine essential oil possess? Down through the ages its association is of jasmine to love. Perhaps this is why jasmine is so often associated with weddings. And in some circles jasmine is also associated with prophetic dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, did you know that the scent of jasmine is strongest in the evening and night? No wonder jasmine is attributed to prophetic dreams. Jasmine is associated with Venus, the planet of love, and also with the moon. Bella Luna, my beautiful moon.

Seasons of Spanista believes Spring is the time to Dream big. A time to go deep with in to explore your hearts desires, plan for the months ahead and paint of picture of the possibilities for life ahead. Applying jasmine oil can help renew lost interest. It can also help increase inner strength. Jasmine bridges the gap of body and spirit. Spiritually, jasmine can aid with emotional inner peace, and calming of the mind so it  facilitates focused meditation or healing.

Jasmine can be used to inspire your own spiritual presence in the body with it’s delicate fragrance. You can also use jasmine as an evening or nighttime meditation enhancement, in association with the feminine side, the moon, and the inner-self.

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Good News Monday: April Blossoms Jasmine’s Soulful Scent is Spring’s Self Care gift to us if we choose to recognize it. Why not let it simply wash over you so you enjoy its many virtues. Not every intuitive insight is an insight put into words. You have emotional and core insights and expressions that surface far below the level of “words”. If you choose you can translate your experience of jasmine spirituality into language, but it is just as powerful to let it live on that sensual, emotional level, letting the body linger and sigh.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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