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Friday Wellness Tip: State of Mind Beats Real Age, Really!



Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: State of Mind Beats Real Age Really! This week I came upon a small clip of news that is mighty in implications so I want to share it with you, Spanista Society. To set the stage on the subject I recall my Mother and her sister never told their real age. It was a secret code between them that they were to defy anything defining their chronological age. Both attractive in their own right, they enjoyed challenging the clock at every turn. They made a game of it – body, mind and heart. It worked for them – no matter what age they matured to they stayed young at heart and it seemed to reflect in their looks too.

We have all heard the phrase ‘You are only as young as you feel’, right?

Well, it appears this is not just wishful thinking or a myth. There is now scientific proof that indicates shaving a few years off your age may actually help you live longer. That is according to a study from University College in London as revealed by Dr. Andrew Steptoe, the director of The Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care.

For example, 50 could be the new 30 and on down the line. Spanista loves this kind of news.

The key finding is the relationship between perceived age and longevity is quite strong. People who say they are several years younger than they actually are have a 41% lower risk of dying within a 8 year period. Adopting the attitude keeps your younger longer!

Friday Wellness Tip: State of Mind Beats Real Age, Really! Offers implications worthy of serious consideration. Should Spanista adopt this as an Essential Self Care Practice? What do you think?  No matter what your age, it seems really smart to focus on a youthful state of mind. How? Focus on Self Care that you enjoy – Have fun, dance, balance your work life with creative interests, participate in sports, engage in the latest in entertainment, and have friends in your life that are younger than you. Stay open and curious. This feeds the youthful soul.

And remember, it is not just how you look, it is how you feel and the positive attitude you project toward life that matters. This helps you project Emotional Fitness making one appear younger and that is the ultimate attraction.

And above all else lie about your age!

Thank you O Magazine and Arianna Davis, Associate Editor at O who brought this to light in the July 2015 Issue.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,






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