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Friday Wellness Tip: Love Yourself First Valentine


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Love Yourself First Valentine. But you may ask isn’t Valentine’s Day about expression for love for your dear ones. Well yes , it is but I want to make sure that we start with showing ourselves the TLC we often deserve but never find time to do.

In fact I advocate Self Care so why depend on others to bring your joy on this day of love?  If your loved one comes through with a something special that’s great – but sometimes ones expectations can be too high and you may find yourself let down or even very disappointed. But set your intentions today to proactively plan tomorrow and do some sweet just for yourself early on Valentine’s Day. How about creating a simple Valentine’s Day Experience as an expression of love for just for yourself? It will set  a positive tone for the day not one can change because you are emotionally already ahead of the game by treating yourself with tenderness.

Here are 5 simple ways to Love Yourself Valentine!

1. Enjoy colorful flowers  – buy a bouquet, go to a botanical garden for morning coffee or find a swing in a charming garden and just slow down and breathe.


2. Gift Yourself with a Valentine’s Day devoted to ‘favorite doings’ from morning to night. Indulge in morning french pastry, buy new music, indulge in your favorite local chef’s dish, a bottle of the pricey champagne you love, fly a kite, indulge in a fancy dessert. Set an exciting ‘Day of Joyful Living’ agenda.


3. Call a new spa with great amenities to take in a massage – weather you are on a weekend holiday in Las Vegas or spending Valentine’s weekend locally in Tampa discover Spa Evangeline at the Epicurean Hotel in South Tampa – then take the time pre and post to take in the facilities for your personal pleasure. The environment will renew your heart, body and mind.


4. Head for natural waters – the closest park with a pond, lake, river, sea or ocean. Take a picnic lunch and theme it for the weather – be creative but keep it simple. Be still by the waters and enjoy your lunch close to nature.


5. Visit a local gallery buy a small piece of art that attracts you – something you just keep coming back to – if you set the intention to find something to buy at a certain price I have discovered you will find, like these spirited female dancers! I found these in Stuart, Florida where the likes of Michael Jordan and Celine Dion  have homes along the beach coastline islands.


Friday Wellness Tip: Love Yourself First Valentine are idea starters  Spanista hopes will inspire you to Self Care. So what will you do to Love Yourself First Valentine?

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy this Valentine’s Day,


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