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Friday Wellness Tip: Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Wonderful. This is a notion that appeals to Spanista as Summer unfolds and as I ponder my trip to Ghana. And one to explore on the topic of emotional wellness.

As a child I recall vividly showing strong signs of artistic talent. And as a young person I worked hard to perfect this talent to set the groundwork to become a Art Director in the dynamic world of marketing. The tendencies toward seeking perfection in my work were both inherent and nurtured by the desire for quality results from my mentors.

Overtime, it become a theme that is constant in my life. However, my eyes however started to open to a new way to view the external world when I began volunteering for AbodShelters over 7 years ago. One begins to see the issues of women and children as families facing challenging circumstances – especially those in extreme poverty that are homeless or living in unhealthy slum settlements.

One cannot help but ask, ‘What is perfection in their eyes?’ I plan to ask the question when I am in Asikuma next week.

Friday Wellness Tip: Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect to Be Wonderful lead me to discover this great book “The Pursuit of Perfect” by Tal Ben Shahar Phd.  Thought you might enjoy it too. It is full of insightful tips on how to manage extreme perfection tendencies and relax as a means of bringing more joy into life.  So do not let summer pass you by trying to making it perfect – Let it go and RELAX to let the joy flow in you. You can find it at

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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