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Friday Wellness Tip: Enjoy Daylight Savings Time Sunsets


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Enjoy Daylight Savings Time Sunsets is a reminder that natural beauty is accessible and free if we stop to notice it right in front of our eyes. Day light savings time comes to us earlier than ever before thankfully. One of the joys is the benefit of an extended daylight. Once the workday is behind us, we get a couple of hours to enjoy the evenings outdoors.

This week I could not resist getting out to enjoy the light at night. I headed for a small secluded beach on Davis Island, a bridge away from downtown Tampa and close to home. This small Island runs along Tampa Bay harbor. At the very tip lies a tiny airport, a quaint yacht club, a small unpopulated beach and a greenway that runs along the water front from where you can watch boats of all kinds come and go. It is a spot that attracts smaller sail boats who port in the lower water basin.

It was a perfect night to enjoy the sunset with purpose – the first time this year marking the coming of spring. Here on this Island you would not think anything in the world has changed for the past 25 years. With one exception. The people progress with the times and passenger cruise ships now call Tampa Bay port of call. Parking the convertible – pausing to breathe calm, watching the sunset is the perfect dose of peace and comfort – the seconds become precious as the day closes in a huge orange ball of fire falling into the ocean – generating a glow on the horizon that brought such comfort. The sunset is an emotional moment. Inclusive of red plastic cup in hand with a favorite refreshment. Just sipping and dreaming of the summer to come and plans for it. It’s the moment you feel all is well with the world because you took the time to stop and enjoy it.  All seems right with the world when you watch a sun set just locked in the moment. Nothing else really matters.

Friday Wellness Tip: Enjoy Daylight Savings Time Sunsets suggests you take advantage of daylight saving time and take in a sunset soon. It is a beautiful thing to enjoy alone or with a loved one.

Where is your favorite place to view a sunset?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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