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Dylan’s Candy Bar Spanista’s New York City Playful Indulgence


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Dylan’s Candy Bar Spanista’s New York City Playful Indulgence is simply irresistible. On the upper east side across the street from Bloomingdale’s is a small yet mighty store that soothes the savage beast with sugar delights. Yes, Spanista believes in the emotional and physical benefits of the dark chocolate.

If you have not heard Dylan is the daughter of the infamous, Ralph Lauren and his fashion empire. She has a point of view about a ‘candy lover’s playland’ that she envisioned of sharing with the world.

She brought her dream to life a few years ago and now oversees a Candy Empire. Her vision for Dylan’s Candy Bar manifested in a delightful, fun concept three-story concept called  ‘a Bar’.  It is a creative and colorful paradise for young and old alike that is full of unique candy treats with themes carried forward into a collection of apparel that celebrates the happy nature of the brand – t shirts, pj,s tops, toys are just the beginning.

Much of the product and presentation changes with the seasons making it always a fresh and exciting place to visit. The atmosphere is full of happiness.

Here is the Spanista Takeaway: Spanista believes if we deny ourselves little joys of life, like chocolate or gummy bears, it often surfaces in unhappy behaviors of a different nature. These goodies were given to us humans walking on this great earth to enjoy, but the key is to do it in moderation. Pick a small luscious treat, like dark chocolate and pick your time – perhaps once a week and keep it to a time where you can savor it – really feel the goodness of the treat. This small but thoughtful experience will satisfy you for days.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Spanista’s New York City Playful Indulgence is one of a kind, so check out the website – to see this little paradise. If you get to New York make sure to stop by for a boost of sugar and joy. Just seeing the kiddies delight in the experience is worth the trip. And remember along with the treats, take home a fun set of pajama’s too. While the candy will be gone in minutes the PJ’s will be reminder of all the sweetness Dylan’s and new York City have to offer.

May Your Self Care Journey To Joy Include Something Sweet,


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