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Audi Partners With TOMS Shoes Speaks Soleful Giving Back


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Audi Partners With TOMS Shoes Speaks Soleful Giving Back touched my heart in a way a brand has not done in a very long time – much less an automotive brand.  Now my respect for Audi Automotive has gone to another level. What I now appreciate about Audi is their desire to keep our relationship alive long after it sparked me to fall in love and purchase my first model. Most manufacturers are there with the ‘thank you’ letter right after the purchase but are they there two or three years after the transaction?

I know now Audi is Living the Philosophy and Values that align with Spanista. What an interesting  coincidence.

Here is an example: I got an email from Audi Automotive acknowledging the Audi-Partners-With-TOMS-Shoes-Speaks-Soleful-Giving-Back-6.jpegPINIMAGEcelebration of the second anniversary of purchasing my Audi All Road which has been my go to car for everyday living since I first drove it home. I love it most of all three Audi’s we own. The invitation offered me the opportunity to order a custom pair of TOMS Shoes with the Audi brand mark which will also provide a pair of shoes to a needy child in Africa. This is TOMS Shoes cause focused business platform – it’s the One for One Movement that made them famous. In case you have not heard of it, with every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. That is right, everytime.

Perhaps they know from my online profile, I volunteer my time as Executive Director of AbodShelters Foundation which focuses on providing needy families with humanitarian housing? Or they know women like me are emotionally moved by causes? This offer sent a message which touched me on multiple levels. I was compelled to order my shoes immediately with a tear in my eye in  the size I wanted with the easy instructions provided online at no cost to me. Within a few days a package arrives on my doorstep from Audi. It was a delightful experience opening the box to find these beautifully styled, comfortable shoes – a reflection of co branded excellence. This did evoke an emotional experience – sheer joy, especially knowing another pair is going to a child who needs it.

It is perfect example of where both brands come together in perfect stylish harmony. Notice the sophisticated dark gray tone with complementary red and white markings of the AUDI brand brought to life in the simple, classic TOMS footwear design.  The TOMSAudi-Partners-With-TOMS-Shoes-Speaks-Soleful-Giving-Back-1.jpegPINIMAGE mission appears on the romance card. They came in the iconic TOMS no frills brown box with two enclosures – the sticker and this Audi gift card message “Special Recognition on Your Special Occasion. Please accept this exclusive Audi Design Gift as a sincere token of our appreciation for being a member of the Audi Family. It’s not only a celebration of your Audi Anniversary, but of your importance to all of us at Audi.”

Audi Partners With TOMS Shoes Speaks Soleful Giving Back believes this is a gesture with TRUE CLASS – as a global humanitarian design advocate for AbodShelters Foundation, I respond favorably to what I believe to be an authentic gesture that aligns with my values. Well done Audi Automotive!!! And THANK YOU!

I consider Audi to be in a superior class of brands that reflect not only Spanista’s Style but more importantly Spanista Values. In a world driven by the pursuit of money this speaks to the power of conscious capitalism  – the power of giving back with sincerity where everyone wins. Audi can count on me to check out the newest Audi’s when I am ready to buy again. For sure.

Do you have a story about the way a brand touched your heart? Please share it.

To Your Self Care Journey of Joy,


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