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Americans Misunderstand Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing Benefits


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Americans Misunderstand Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing Benefits. Yes, I believe this to be true. I really believe the vast majority of us do not get it. Worse yet because we do not understand it, how to cultivate it to realize our benefits we have become victims. Victims of access to quick fixes like prescribed medication that only masks our real issues.

Spanista was shocked to read that in America, at least one in four women now takes a psychiatric medication, compared to one in seven men. Can this really be true? Am I the only one that is shocked by this. This was reported by Julie Holland in the NYTimes article “Medicating Women’s Feelings” in Sunday’s Opinion Section. She is a psychiatrist in New York and an author of the book “Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You are Taking”.

Spanista applauds Dr. Holland for taking on this subject in “Medicating Women’s Feelings” (click to read it). To me this is not only about women, it is also about men. The dependence on the artificial formulas are having negative effects on our lives. To me this does point toward our societies lack of understanding about the power of emotional wellbeing. However there is no pill to learn this – nor do they teach this is our growing years. You have to take the initiative to become self-educated.

This is why I created Spanista, to offer a new platform to starts conversation about the importance of Self Care  – to offer one source for sharing information, guidance, methods and solutions. This is to create a community conversation around such topics.

In the Spanista Philosophy there ways to begin cultivating your Emotional Wellbeing. Please take of read of it – it may open up ideas on how one can take control of ones life to get better results. If after reading this you feel you are out of touch with yourself the first thing is to stop and takes stock in yourself. You deserve a joyful life.

1. Set time aside to become self-aware of your circumstances. Do it. Do not wait.

2. Resolve to put yourself first so you can get in touch with who you really are now.

3. Work to get out of your head and into your body, this is where your true feelings reside – they are not in your head.

You are about to begin your Journey to Joy.  While there are times when medication is warranted – it should not be left to this. You will benefit by overlaying Self Care Practices to the mix for a holistic solution.


Americans Misunderstand Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing Benefits does focus on women. For women especially – we deserve to treat our hearts, bodies and mind with great reverence. Like this delicate tulip stem – we are beautiful from the inside out but require water to survive – consider emotional wellbeing you cultivate the water that helps the flower thrive. Without it, it withers and dies and untimely death. You deserve to thrive!

let me know your thoughts about this insightful article by Julie Holland.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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