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Spanista In Touch Tableau Returns Featuring Library of Flowers Collection


Library of Flowers Perfumery by Margot Elena – The Linden Collection


Library of Flowers Perfumery by Margot Elena

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista In Touch Tableau Returns Featuring Library of Flowers Collection. Spansita is looking forward to returning to a Thursday In Touch Self Care Home Spa Ritual. This is devoted evening private time with fragrance infused bath, setting the right atmosphere and reflection time to restore. With the new year, I am always on the look out for new products to share to encourage you to join me in this establishing this weekly Self Care Ritual in your life especially in the winter season. It will change your life for the better.

Spanista delights in discovering this charming approach to bath and body bottled by Margot Elena  while staying at the Marriott Grand Hotel. I am immediately attracted its stylized packaging. So delicate, feminine and colorful, the specialized scents are inspired by a vast array of nature’s flowers thus the name ‘Library of Flowers‘.  It sees the world through a perfumery creator’s lens, formulating unique blends of fragrances from ‘the essences’ to bring each collection to life. The themes are fresh and so luscious in capturing the senses.

For example – Themed around the glory of books, writing and story, product bundles are particularly inspired – bringing together combinations of things like paper, cotton and string that includes three fragrances in roller ball form, a pencil and an adorable notebook all within a stylish tin box .  This offers a solution should the aromas inspire a story or spark ideas. The tools are readily at hand to capture the moment and never let it go.

Pictured here are two of the ‘Field of Flowers’ collections – ‘Field & Flowers’ and ‘Linden’. Margot Elena is located in Denver, Colorado. She is building a successful brand based as an American Small Batch Perfumery that benefited from Oprah’s feature in O Magazine – ‘O Beautiful’ editorial in April 2013.

Tonight, I will enjoy a Spanista Self Care Home Spa Ritual with the goodies I picked up at he Grand Hotel Spa Gift Shop and ponder what 2015 will be for me. This weekly ritual will help me stay on track.

Spanista In Touch Tableau Returns Featuring Library of Flowers Collection wants you to know Margot’s great products are available on her website There you will find categories like Shop by Chapter where scent collections are organized by Chapters. It is a fun easy experience to explore.

To Your 2015 Self Care Journey To Joy,


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