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New Spanista Travel Diary: Wine Lovers Savor Spa Evangeline Tampa


Evangeline Spa Epicurean Hotel Tampa

Relaxation LoungePINIMAGE

Epicurean Herb Garden Is Real Wall ArtPINIMAGE

Epicurean Herb Garden Is Real Wall Art

Evangeline Spa Goodies With WinePINIMAGE

Evangeline Spa Goodies With Wine

Hello Wellness Seekers,

New Spanista Travel Diary: Wine Lovers Savor Spa Evangeline is the first in a special series, featuring select spa experiences from my travels. It feels apropos to kickoff with my recent staycation in South Tampa. Visiting the new Evangeline, A Delectable Spa is exciting for a Spanista like me, always in search of a rare place that really gets the holistic experience right. Starting the long weekend at the new Evangeline, just open a few short months ago, is sheer happiness.

For new guests, Spa Evangeline sends a questionnaire online so I got the basic registration done before arriving. A great plus is their wine specialization. They asked if I desired optional special amenities (YES, indeed!) electing to have a wonderful glass of red after the massage.

I arrived early, checked in and was introduced to the locker room routine and amenities. To me the quality of the robe sets the tone. This one was white, plush and fresh with a thoughtful surprise gift. (No spoilers here!) Being robe ready, I looked forward to settling into the relaxation lounge to get in the right state of mind and body. Devoted to the Spanista Values System, I ready by taking time before, during and after my therapy. Through reflective questions, I become mindful to be really present and prepare for a more holistic outcome. Just as I sit back and close my eyes my lovely therapist Jess, welcomes me and inquires if I want to get started early. So off we go.

What can I say other than Jess was marvelous.  She was soft-spoken, warm and skilled. This could be the start of a great relationship with Evangeline. I always begin with a basic deep tissue massage. It acts as a true measure of talent and how strong the other services maybe. 80 minutes of shear eucalyptus bliss flew by. Quality product is core to massage. For this treatment they use Farm House Fresh. When I opened my eyes I felt truly in the present and more in touch – heart, mind and body more in sync. I realize how the worlds distractions can pull me out of touch. After the treatment she greeted me with a cool blend of raspberry, apple and green tea.

Allowing me quiet time, she came by after a bit to pour my glass of red wine from a bottle she took from the wine cooler (Nice!) and encouraged me to enjoy the cheese and fruit delectables that were simple yet satisfying. Quality details are notable and set Evangeline apart. As you can see in the pic (Yum!) I cuddled up on the sofa with a silky purple throw and closed my eyes for quality reflection time. After several minutes the aroma of that great wine was irresistible. So I took a nose – the rich aroma made me smile – the background music fit the mood – these are golden moments of self care joy as I lost myself in this local wine country escape.

Eventually I came back to reality from my reflection time feeling restored and joyful – mind, mood, manner restored. The emotional rewards of investing in self care are so worth it. To me, this Ritual is life well lived. When I was saying my good byes to the staff there was a note card from my therapist – a unexpected personal touch.

My first experience with Spa Evangeline can be expressed as: A Sumptuous, Sophisticated, Intimate Escape to Wine Country. The difference is in the high quality touches throughout. The Spa menu features many, many treatments and extras – which includes customized scents and oils and the Herb Garden I mentioned yesterday. Now I am ready to experiment with more.

New Spanista Travel Diary Classification of Experience Quality suggests Spa Evangeline is in the top 25%  – excellent, affordable luxury. Plus is attentive service.

Should you wish to experience Spa Evangeline. It is located at the Epicurean Hotel, in Soho. Let them know Spanista sent you. If you do let me know and I will meet you for a coffee at the Chocolate Pi- just next door!

What Spa experiences to wine country stand out to you and why?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

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