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Stuart Florida Reflection Walk Over Indian River Bridge


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Stuart Florida Reflection Walk Over Indian River Bridge opens up a different vantage point on the world. As I am living on The Treasure Coast for a couple of months while in transition before moving here, it affords me the opportunity to explore the many causeways, the rivers water ways, the oceans inlet and islands.

How about you? Given Summer often allows us to go to a summer place in the mountains or a lake house – Where do you look forward to taking your Reflection Walks? Do you find yourself seeing this place with fresh eyes after time away? Does this new knowledge help you see yourself differently?

For now, my 60 minute Spanista Reflection Walk in this part of Stuart starts by greeting the sun rise in the morning near the beach. There is something about the rythym of the tides patterns that sets ones sarcadian clock properly in place. I find I awake without an alarm before sunrise feeling refreshed. Longing for my cup of favorite brew, I sit in the patio waiting for the beautiful movie to begin. The canvas is drenched with color and stunningly different every morning. It is easy to understand there is a higher being when you watch this visual glory unfold time and again. While it unfolds, I set my intention for the day to ponder through my inner voice.

This experience humbles me. I find myself simply being grateful to be alive in  world of ever changing landscapes full with life’s natural abundance. Then I venture out the door to walk the crooked lane through the golf course on to:

1. The Marriott Hutchinson Island Resort & Marina is a layback real true example of a Florida Beach Resort with all the essential amenities for the avid boater.


2. The Indian River Bridge over the Indian River Lagoon is an estuary of national significance where boating is a joyful expression of life.




3. Return to find a new critter I thought was a rabbit, but at closer look I am not so sure? What do you think it is?



Stuart Florida Reflection Walk Over Indian River Bridge leaves me with a restorative feeling unlike any other – I feel the vastness of the ocean’s power – the tenderness of life. It brings a sense of wellbeing that is irreplaceable. Hope you get your walk in today so your peace of mind.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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