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Spanista Wants to Know, What Do You Believe?


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Wants To Know, What Do You Believe? This is a question that goes deep into the heart of who you really are. Today’s Intention Time dedication is about stepping out of the day to day routine that can make us feel we are barraged with messages of limitation and powerlessness.
This morning Spanista suggests taking a few minutes for a Self Care Reflection Exercise, perhaps while you are commuting into work or heading to another destination, to examine what you are feeling. Concentrate on getting out of your head and into your hart. Focus on what you are feeling. Now ask your self this question – Are there old beliefs that are holding you back from realizing your joy? Is there one lingering idea you hold about yourself that surfaces? How is it affecting your life?
Today take a stand to remove any power such an idea is having over you NOW!
There is a wonderful saying I want you to repeat to yourself three times while you hold that old belief in your mind. Here it is:

I choose to see what I believe, rather than believe what I see.

Ask the higher power you believe in to help you remove the erroneous belief from your heart. Then imagine dissolving it – poof – blow if away like a puff of smoke. Replace it with what your choose to believe about yourself.
Imagine in your minds eye your vision of your magnificent, highest Self. Claim your right to abundance of the universe knowing you deserve nothing less.
Repeat The NEW BELIEF three times – Express gratitude for this moment of awareness and go about your day. Watch the magic unfold for the better.
Spanista Wants To Know, What Do You Believe? Todays message reminds us – ‘Knock and it shall be given to you’. The power for self belief lies in your hands and heart. Make today the day you take charge of your Emotional Wellness.
Please feel free to share what happen as your day unfolds.
Look forward to hearing from you.

To Your Self Care Journey Of Joy,



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