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Spanista Holiday Collection Idea #7: Chic Asian Eye Scarf & Book


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Holiday Collection Idea #7: Chic Asian Eye Scarf & Book is a great combo that will be enjoyed for its wearability and thoughtfulness. The scarf has fashion staying power for many reasons both functionally and emotionally. The scarf has a long interesting history that goes back to 1350 BC when Egyptian Queen Neferiti wears a finely woven scarf topped by a headdress. Since then it has enjoyed a fascinating journey through changing culture and style.

Great scarves are our constant companions – whether you are running around town, staying warm from a spa treatment or traveling distances for work or pleasure, they lend comfort and immediate warmth on command. Not to mention they are always a wonderful fashion statement that can be worn to reflect your personal style. When I turn to my scarf collection and select the right one for the occasion, it often conjures up memories  – as I style my choice it often whispers stories about where I was, who I was with and what had unfolded. Does this happen to you too?

The Asian Eye Scarves pictured offers the artful style of self-expression for anyone who enjoys the spa chic lifestyle. When I think of the gifts I have received that have enduring value I would certainly count my scarves as in the top three.

Over the years giving the gift of a scarf to a friend or loved one has come to be a symbol of affection.

These Asian Eye scarves were chosen by Mindy, founder of Design In The City Boutique and me for the Spanista Holiday Collection because of their Spa Chic Style sensibility. While there are several designs available we though the three pictured here were so attractive for Spanista Enthusiasts. Patterns – the color patterns go with todays winters cover ups – deep and rich teal, ocher, grey and camel on black. All are lightweight and breathe while they can fold easily into a handbag. They feel great to the touch around your neck as they are made of fine wool and silk in long rectangular shapes that can be styled to suit your mood.

Combining an Asian Eye Scarf with a great book that explores “50 Ways to Wear a Scarf” by Lauren Friedman that was published in 2014 would make a wonderful gift combo. It adds a layer of fun – From the Audrey to the Paris, the Top Down, or the Easy Breezy, there are 50 scarf styles in this book for any occasion or mood. Jaunty illustrations break down each step so they can wrap, loop, and get out the door looking perfectly polished. Teens, young professionals, and moms alike will love playing around with the looks, including unexpected belts, sarongs, and topknots.

The book is vibrantly illustrated and packaged as a compact hardcover, “50 Ways to Wear a Scarf “begs to be gifted with an Asain Eye scarf and displayed on a dresser, plus it’s small enough to take scarf shopping. Très chic!

Remember, just email me at to inquire about purchasing the scarves – I am your personal shopper at Design In the City and will help you make your purchase and ship it off for you.

May Your Self Care Journey To Joy Be Merry & Bright,




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