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Spanista Holiday Collection Gift #5 Loungewear Inspires Relaxation

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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Holiday Collection Gift #5 Loungewear Inspires Relaxation in the most natural and comfortable way. As Thanksgiving unfolds into the long week and the holiday weeks come upon us, wouldn’t it be lovely to slip into something so spa chic and comfortable it immediately enhances your mood.  It is easy to see that there will be many days and nights ahead of unpredictable weather, if what we have experienced by way of the intense chilly winds and rain or early heavy snows are any indication of whats to come – it will be a long hard winter.

First its the Spansita way to be grateful no matter the weather as I believe nature has its purpose but does not bother to consult us as she has a bigger purpose in mind. Gratitude opens the heart  to receive grace. It helps our blood flow through relaxed open vessels. It brings contentment.  With with this in mind long winters can call for new Self Care Rituals like identifying your Rituals spot at home – hopefully close to a fireplace with a furry soft throw and plenty of great books, hard cover or via Amazon Fire Tablet, along with your personal sketch pad or journal.

Now all you need is Spa Chic Style. Mindy, Founder of Design in the City and I love this Luscious Loungewear by Nally and Millie. It’s ‘oh so magnificently soft’ to the touch. This heather colored cardigan and pant styled with the latest wide leg allows you to gently swish from side to side as you stroll across the room. This label is made in the USA and the fabrication has brushed soft surface in a blend of rayon polyester and spandex to give it from and fit as it. Plus while it is lightweight and sweet feeling on the skin it is will retain is shape well.

We’ve paired it with a lovely Black Swan Sweater in cream with gold metallic melting. It has a simple crew neck giving the look a Spa chic sensuous and sparkling style to give time at home a special feeling. It is lightweight and breathes for a more natural feeling. (It can also be paired with your favorite jeans for a Saturday daytime look.)

Spanista Holiday-Collection-Gift-#5-Loungewear-Inspires-Sweater.jpegPINIMAGEgSpanista Holiday-Collection-Gift-#5-Loungewear-Inspires-Scarf.jpegPINIMAGE

The finishing touch is this enchanting naturally toned Mariposa Scarf with Asian inspired beautiful butterflies in a gentle tie die effect. It too is lightweight allowing you to layer it for a relaxed glamorous effect.

Spanista believes the simple Ritual of slipping into something so comfortable day after day will allow the Spirit of Gratitude to comes easily when you.

This Spa Chic Ensemble, Spanista Holiday Collection Gift #5 Loungewear Inspires Relaxation. Make everyday is bit more special for someone or yourself with the cardigan, pant, scarf and sweater combo from Design In The City & Spanista. All pieces are under $100 each. There is a range of scarf patterns to pick from. The close ups will help you see the quality details. As your Personal Shopper, I will be happy to help you pick the right sizes. Just email me at with your requests. I will get back to you with product details and how your special gift can come together from Spanista.

For me it will be the easy go to pieces for private nights at home especially after a Spanista Home Spa Ritual devoted to your own wellbeing. Happy Thanksgiving weekend Dear Spanista fans – thank you for you support.


May Your Self Care Journey To Joy be Merry & Bright,


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