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Spanista Friday Wellness Tip: Humor Heals Us


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Friday Wellness Tip: Humor Heals Us. This humorous holiday expression pictured above is strategically placed in my home during the holidays. When I am fortunate enough to be at home and not traveling extensively, I find myself turning to it several times of day because it makes me chuckle every time I do. It persuades me to keep things light – to laugh at myself.

As we move deeper into experiencing the special holiday time of year, let’s remember to keep our sense of humor alive and active. Why? Because it has proven personal health benefits not to mention sets a wonderful atmosphere of optimism and joy. It also lightens the load and gets you out of your head. Laughing releases the good endorphins.

We need to be mindful that Humor Heals Us because the value of humor can be lost during the holidays when we experience stress from extra activities and high social expectations. Or as we hear and absorb the challenging social issues like hate crimes ( sadly another a 15 year old boy was run down and killed last night – a victim of a hate crime officials say ) in the US and around the world like the displacement of huge populations resulting in innocent families suffering.

While exploring the potential connective tissue between humor and wellness, I came upon an enlightening point of view published by Longwood University about “The 7 Dimensions of Wellness”. These medical professionals define Wellness in ways that align with Spansita Philosophy & values. Here it is:

“Wellness is a lifelong process that produces a positive state of well-being; a dynamic process of change and 
growth. Wellness is largely determined by the decisions you make about how to live your life. The dimensions
 of wellness interact continuously, influencing and being influenced by one another. Individually and 
collectively, the wellness dimensions are associated with an enhanced quality and quantity of life.”

One of the 7 Dimensions is “Intellectual Wellness” which includes the use of and continual striving for information and intellectual growth. An
active mind is essential to wellness; it opens to new ideas, has the capacity to question, think critically, and
is motivated to master new skills; and includes a sense of humor.

Hmmm….It is inspiring to associate having a Sense of Humor with Intellectual Prowess! Who doesn’t want to be smarter after all and get a laugh in at the same time?  So listen up Wellness Seekers – Let’s work on our Humor Heals Us IQ by tickling our holiday funny bones:

  1. Actively look for a laugh everyday for your own wellness. Just notice your thoughts, feelings and surroundings through funny eyes. Watch your favorite comedian on you tube with a glass of wine. Laugh out loud.
  2. Expand the circle of influence  by ‘actively looking for a laugh everyday ‘ to your family and friends. Make it a game if you are with family like when traveling in your car together.
  3. Turn a bad situation into a positive one by twisting the outcome to be funny – look for the humor in it. With practice it will become surprisingly easy.
  4. Crack a joke at an unexpected time, like when you are waiting in a long check out lane and watch the positive effect spread.
  5. Set a mood for joy by adopting the mantra – ‘Humorous Home, Happier Holidays‘. Set out a fun saying or two in your kitchen or family room like the one I have pictured here. Or display a funny character someplace unexpected that will surprise, like an arrangement of Olaf  Snow Men from the epic Disney Movie – ‘FROZEN” If things get touchy direct attention to it and watch laughter have a positive influence.  He can make even the hardest heart melt.

Keeping your sense of humor alive during the holiday will keep you well and have a positive influence on your family.

Spread the word. Do you have any humourous Holiday Rituals?

May Your Self Care Journey To Joy Merry, Healthy & Bright,


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