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Spanista Celebrates Chinese New Year Year Wood Goat


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista Celebrates Chinese New Year Year Wood Goat with best wishes to my friends in the US and the Asia Pacific good health and good fortune in the coming year. The holiday prelude includes several days visiting family, traveling, shopping for new things too start out the year on the best foot possible and celebrating life together.

It is marvelous to explore Asian cultures. So rich in deep meaning that helps any one who wants to understand it, navigate many dimensions of living based upon ancient beliefs, tools and rituals passed on generation to generation. Spanista finds it fascinating.

To share this enthusiasm, here is an article in Fortune Magazine, “It’s Chinese New Year: A Financial Astrologer Predicts 2015” outlining one experts interpretation of where the positive energy lies and how we might benefit from if we keep these things top of mind as guides.  The reporter Dinah Eng, interviewed Doris Ingber, an expert in feng shui and 4 Pillars Analysis (a branch of Chinese astrology), says 2015 will be a year dominated by the economy.

Predictions come with the the new year based upon the Chinese Calendar. In the Chinese zodiac, each Lunar New Year, is associated with one of 12 animal signs. This is the Year of the Sheep (also referred to as the Year of the Ram or Goat). She goes on to explain that five elements (Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal and Water) align with the animal signs. Elements affect everyone, and that the energy of each element can relate to industries. The Chinese astrology expert says Wood industries should do well this year, as the element — which represents growth and change — dominates 2015. That makes this the Year of the Wood Goat.


Here are excerpts from the article offering us ways to prosper and avoid risk.

“We are at a turning point in the 12-year cycle,” says Ingber, who has offices in New York and Norwalk, Conn. “The energy of wood, which represents the economy, is beginning to flower. Unemployment is down, wages are moving up, and costs have stabilized or lowered.”

Wood industries include architecture, manufacturing with natural products, fashion, food, publications like newspapers, magazines and books, and education. “Those who listen and communicate with their customers will thrive,” Ingber says. In a year that’s all about money, the opportunity for prosperity is there for everyone, if we take advantage of it.”

Plus she points out “This year’s energy supports those who are humanitarian and lead from a team-building orientation.”

Here are Ingber’s tips for creating prosperity in this Year of the Wood Goat:

* Avoid direct confrontations… compromise and negotiation will achieve more than conflict;

* Home, food, clothing and comfort are a priority… surround yourself with beautiful, quality things, or make sure that what you produce is done with quality materials;

* Create powerful allies and strong connections;

* Master the soft sell technique;

* Be responsible in your decision-making… be the shepherd; and

* Focus on charity and humanitarian acts… the sheep will reward you.

Spanista Celebrates Chinese New Year Year Wood Goat gives us food for thought. What does it mean for Spanista Wellness Seekers as we champion the self care movement together? Perhaps let’s think about what Ingber suggests through the eyes of your Self Care Rituals? The most relevant points are ‘Surround yourself with beautiful quality things’ and ‘Be responsible for your decision making’ and ‘Focus on humanitarian acts.’ These all relate to Spanista Philosophy respectively – here are my thoughts – be selective about your lifestyle and decide to make self care a priority and define a personal platforms to give back as thank for your wellbeing. And remember to knock on wood.

What do you think relates to self care practices and how?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,




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