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Spa Chic Style Essentials: Spanista Holiday Collection Idea #8


Dear Wellness Seeker,

Spa Chic Style Essentials: Spanista Holiday Collection Idea #8 is about designing a better After Spa Experience for you.

Right now you deserve the wonderful feeling you get from your favorite relaxation treatment like a massage. Firstly, if you have not made an appointment, make a note to Self Care today. Just booking the appointment will make you happy. It will begin the process of reducing holiday stress and sustain you into the New Year. But that special emotional high you emerge with post treatment deserves to linger as long as possible. To get the most out of both the physical and emotional benefits, make the feeling last by having the right After Spa Wardrobe to wear.

Secondly, After Spa Chic Style Essentials should offer fashionability but as important is the right functionality.

Frankly, one of the troublesome aspects of salon massage treatments this time of year is that we do not take care to treat our bodies properly after the process. Many times we are in a hurry so we by-pass the quality reflective time – to rectify remember to plan 30 minute of transition time in the relaxation room before you head to the locker room.

Then there is the matter of maintaining your body temperature which increases through your therapists touch and technique. This is where you need to step up your After Spa IQ.

After-Spa-Chic-Style-Essentials-2.jpegPINIMAGEFor Example: This Boho Chic Silhouette is the perfect transition wear to keep your relaxed muscles warm and protected as go out into colder winter days. This is true anywhere in the US as the weather has radical swings in temperatures and moisture.

This After Spa Chic Ensemble from Design In The City Boutique will keep you warm while also keeping you fashion forward. Tip – The main cover up should adequately cover shoulder, back, arms, torso and cover the legs to the knee.

~ Cascade Cardigan Sweater is cozy and warm, woven in boho tribal stripe and highlighted with coral and turquoise is reminiscent of  relaxing oceans beaches lifestyle. A great look coming and going.

~ Jeans by Big Star are super soft suede like finish should fit a bit loose.

~ Tee- Shirt by XCVI of soft cotton with a textured raglan sleeve to give you shoulders room to move  – I like white especially for its purifying energy – avoid covering the top torso with dark colors.

Gift yourself or someone you love with an Spa Chic Ensemble that will enhance relaxation with every dressing gesture. You will want to sustain that laid back feeling like this Bohemian vibe. Fabrics should breathe but be plush to the touch – highly textured which triggers the sense of comfort and care. Pair with your favorite boots and a scarf.

Reminder – All clothes should be loose-fitting not tight – especially top and bottom pieces. They should fit comfortably to allow the blood flow to not be restricted or the benefits of massage will be greatly diminished.

The Spanista Collaboration between Mindy Owner of Design In The City Boutique and me has been a great first time experience together as we explore ways to bring you Spa Chic Style Solutions. As your Spanista Personal Shopper  I am here to help you get what you want from our Design In The City Holiday Collection Top 10 List. Just email me your requests and I will get back to you straight away so you get you gifts shipped in time for Christmas – just 20 days away!

May Your Self Care Journey To Joy Be Merry, Healthy & Bright,


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